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Love True Strength For The Change For Create The New World

Love True Strength For The Change For Create The New World
This message is for all of those brothers and sisters that today are here to listen to my holy words because they want to put their mission into practice and want to begin to create the new world that we have been introducing.
It's not going to be very difficult as long as every step you take is inspired by the affection for every living creature because this is the most important step to reach this common objective.
Following that, every other steps that you will take will be as a result of this first important step.
My brothers if today I have come it is to explain to you how love can be your true strength for the change.
Every time you do something, there are many different ways with which you can approach what you are going to do, for example you can pick up a child and hold him in your arms, you can give him the simple physical contact or instead you could look at him, you can caress him, you can talk to him and with your sweet words you can transmit all of your great love to that child; this is the difference of what you can put in your actions while you are tending to that creature.
This example can be applied to every gesture of yours, whenever you carry out something you always have the possibility to do so with love both towards yourselves and towards all of the other brothers. When you are working it does not matter what your occupation is, all jobs are important dear brothers, if you put all of your love into your job, you will notice what a difference there will be with respect to the output of your job, which will be very satisfying both to you and to what this job will produce all around you; allow me to tell you that a happy worker is often emulated and this adds value to your very own occupation.
This my brothers is the first step that you must never lose sight of again.
I see many brothers who ask how they can start, well my beloved brothers this is how you can start: every step of yours must be guided by love and it must also be implemented with love.
This way every one of you will be an example for his brothers and this will truly change things on your planet.
Now I part from you, I have given you yet another small help, the transformation of your planet can now begin.
Now I am very happy because I know that you will follow this advice of mine and you will be able to experiment how important it is for you and for everybody to be moving with love and for love.
Now I say goodbye to you, so long, today I am very busy bringing all my love to the many brothers that need my love and with my love I will help through my actions, but do not worry as I will come back to give you additional help in this journey of growth.
Don't ever leave love out of your lives and this is the recommendation that I give you, with the strength of love everything can be changed and now I bless you my brothers and sisters, dears, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who always, always, always will be together with you at every moment of your existence with all the love that I feel for you.
Love True Strength For The Change For Create The New World was the Message received 4th September 2003
Love True Strength For The Change For Create The New World
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