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Peace Want The Peace Between All Populations Messages From Jesus To Humanity

Peace Want The Peace Between All Populations Messages From Jesus To Humanity
My dear brothers today I have come to talk to you about an aspect of your world that, it seems, you are not giving sufficient consideration to. In your world there are endless major problems that you are not facing with the due courage, how can you do that? Allow me to talk about some of them: there are millions of brothers of yours that are suffering because they are at war and those are wars that have only been created for financial and political reasons that have nothing to do with justice and with the promises of help to those populations, we are witnesses all the time to so much of this violence that none of your programs will ever describe truthfully; violence on women, violence on children, violence that does not respect the culture and the tradition of populations, I see that the lack of respect invades the entire mentality of those who pass for the saviours from oppression and injustice and claim to be fighting the non-respect of the previous governors.
How can you believe that the next government will be respectful of the rights of the brothers in those countries? Lack of respect always generates governments of non-respect.
What can be done? I see many of you who really do not know how to prevent these new injustices from happening, you see my dear brothers, there are many things that can be done, you can stop your troops from joining this project because even though they are not the invaders of the country, they would be seen as such by these populations; you could stop other troops of other countries from invading, next to those who already have invaded the country; scream, make yourselves heard, don’t confine yourselves between the walls of your own homes when they are building walls that are dividing towns in two, don’t sit there watching while a population or a nation is being destroyed, every action of yours that will be inspired to the respect for your brothers that are suffering, every action of yours that will be inspired by love, will be the right thing for you to do.
Even your prayers will help these populations because a prayer is always an act of love for every brother of yours. We will also help you but do make your voice heard and make your intentions known to those around you.
Today’s message sounds like a political commentary but brothers how can we build the new world if first we don’t oppose to the old systems that have dominated this world of yours for so many years that it is hard to remember when was the last time that a population was being respected?
Brothers, I know that for some of you we should not be talking politics and actually we are talking to you about the respect and the love that should permeate every intention of yours, every action, every thought. I thank you for listening to me and I say goodbye with all the love that I have in my heart for each of my brothers, I want you to always be aware of everything that happens around you and I always want you to be active and ready to help with all of your affection and all of your heart for your brothers in the world, without false distinction between brothers.
From your brother Jesus who is always always always next to you to give you all of his help and his love. Brothers I wish only your satisfaction and your fulfilment, you have been created in the image and figure of our Father and you still have that pure love that is the essence of your Father, therefore return to be the Souls of pure love that you are, just like you are in your real nature.
Peace Want The Peace Between All Populations Messages From Jesus To Humanity was the Message received 24th September 2003
Peace Want The Peace Between All Populations Messages From Jesus To Humanity
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