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Messages To Humanity Doubts About Teachings Love in Motion

Messages To Humanity Doubts About Teachings Love in Motion
Lately we have been observing you and we would like to reflect on a few points that we have noticed seem to attract your attention. Sadly these issues are still over the many doubts that you still express when faced with our messages, so today we are helping you put some order in your thoughts and we do this for the love of truth and justice known as that manifestation that should always help the clarification of our experiences or that is transmitted to other brothers.
First of all, I want to talk to you about the Catholic Church which was born from my brothers when I came to your earth; so many things that I told you at that time have been reproduced with perfect accuracy, others have been reported very inadequately because back then there were problems that don’t exist anymore today, such as the universal judgment that today has been transformed, following my death, in judgment of the life and the deliberateness of every action and behaviour and by this I mean that since I left your earth, part of my teaching should have been changed.
The surprising thing is that, instead, over the years, nothing was even so much as slightly modified, so how can it be that nothing changed over 2000 terrestrial years? Isn’t it possible that even a perfect thing would need some improvement over the course of two centuries? This could only be valid if no progress at all had been made and therefore even no improvement, but this is not what has happened on your planet.
So why are you so surprised at our coming to you to give you our words, do you really think that nothing has happened over these thousands of years?
Certainly the Catholic Church has not changed even one of my teachings but something that it could have done but did not want to do is transform those teachings to adapt them to the enormous changes that have taken place from that period up to today.
You see brothers, if there had not been a dire need for my words, there could have been an Angel instead transmitting some lessons to help you know my teachings, we would not find ourselves in this situation where we talk to you with you questioning all of these messages that slowly slowly are reaching you, we won’t hide that even for us this commitment sometimes is really tiring to the point of losing our patience but we know that sooner or later you will welcome these words of ours without putting your doubt into every detail of the message, or even the entire message just because it does not officially come from the Catholic Church.
Learn to listen with your heart and re-learn to reason with your brains, begin to think again out of your own free will, without letting preconceived ideas lead you, after all the words that I am dictating you are words that should help you transform your world into a magnificent place in which you can live next to each brother of yours, in love, respect, and harmony.
This is what my words are for, they are here to help you in this project and commitment and if these words did not come from me but instead they came from a brother or a sister of yours, do you think that you would listen with all of the attention that these discussions would deserve?
So stop complicating your own path, if it’s Me or not, what changes? Of course it’s certainly me, but it would be equally valid if these words came from one of my brothers.
Do you see my meaning?
You must stop wavering in your indecision and start putting your love in motion to help your brothers and sisters, just like we are putting our love in motion for you, with all that this implies.
So, we conclude our message for today, we say goodbye to you with all the love and all of the affection that we have for all of you and with the certainty that these words, maybe a little harsh, have been received by your doubting minds, however it would be sufficient for you to listen to your hearts to recognize the authors of all of these messages, but I hope that you will be able to understand this very soon.
I say goodbye, I bless you brothers and sisters my loved ones, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit
Jesus Christ that lives and reigns next to the Father in the Skies.
Go and take my holy words in your hearts, in your actions, and in your thoughts.
Messages To Humanity Doubts About Teachings Love in Motion was the Message received 28th September 2003
Messages To Humanity Doubts About Teachings Love in Motion
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