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Share The Value Of Sharing Teachings of Jesus About Sharing Story

Share The Value Of Sharing Teachings of Jesus About Sharing Story
My dear brothers, today I have come to tell you a story to teach you how to make all of your affection available to your brothers.
The story says that once upon a time, a long time ago, two brothers lived together tending their herds together. Everything was going well, they always worked together, sharing all of their chores and also sharing the moments of rest, they respected one another and everything that they possessed belonged to one another.
One day, however, someone planted the seed of suspicion that maybe the other brother might be keeping something aside from him so that he could enjoy it by himself. This was not true, however, that brother began to believe that this was the truth, so he himself started keeping something aside, so that he too could have something exclusively for himself.
The other brother, seeing his brother's behaviour, also began hiding something for himself only.
As time went by the two brothers were sharing less and less, even though they both had a lot of things saved away separately, they did not know what to do with those things because even if other brothers could envy them or could wish to own all that the two brothers had saved away, they were not satisfied because owning them, per se, did not give them serenity, on the contrary, it was more a sense of loss rather than satisfaction.
What was the purpose of owning all of this if there was no one to enjoy it with? This is what one day one of the two brothers asked himself. What is the purpose of possessing these fortunes, if I can't even have a happy relationship with my own brother? What is the sense in these riches if they don't give me joy and serenity? This is what each of the brothers asked, while they contemplated on their possessions.
So one day, one of the brothers was the first one to go to his brother's house, bringing with him some of his nice things. The other brother then showed him some of his nice things and that moment turned into a different moment, because both brothers began once again to rejoice and to share all of their nice things between them, they were happy again and they felt close again and they enjoyed themselves with simplicity just like they used to do a long time before, when they used to share everything.
Today's little story wants to teach you that none of the things that you own, be it material, or be it an aspect of your Soul or an ability or richness of your personality, has any value by itself if it is not shared with your other brothers.
What is the purpose of possessing even the smallest thing if there is no one on the other side to share it with?
Think of today's teaching and contemplate the effect of sharing every treasure of yours with others, sharing your intelligence, your sensibility, every prowess of yours, and you will discover the true richness that is born out of sharing with others.
Today's teaching is meant to help you share just like those two brothers by the way you are all brothers amongst yourselves, don't ever forget that my brothers.
On the next message our Father will talk to you about the love that He feels for his children, do put into practice this teaching and His love will make you feel more and more worthy of the words that He wants to donate to you in His next message.
In the meantime I say goodbye to you with all of my good heart, share everything between yourselves my brothers and sisters.
Your brother Jesus who loves you of an immense love and hopes that soon in your world many Of His brothers will begin to once again share all of their possessions with others within love and serenity.
Share The Value Of Sharing Teachings of Jesus About Sharing Story was the Message received 5th October 2003
Share The Value Of Sharing Teachings of Jesus About Sharing Story
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