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Words Of The Father Love Of The Father Perfection in Every Creature Perfection Part Of Soul Always

Words Of The Father Love Of The Father Perfection in Every Creature Perfection Part Of Soul Always
My dear children today I have come to visit you because I really wanted to spend some time with you.
Since we separated following your descent on planet earth, every discussion of yours has been interrupted, not in the sense that I no longer communicate with every one of you, but in the meaning that you only communicate with Me only through prayers and today I take advantage of this opportunity given to us by Sara Luce to talk to you directly, all of you children my beloved.
As usual I would like to talk about the love that I have for all of you, my children, one day when you will return back by my side, you will know that I will be the first one to embrace you and to give you once again all the love that I have for you.
My son told me what the love of your Father means to you, but today I want to say it to you with my own words. In every creature I see myself, i.e. perfection, just like I see the beauty of your good heart, just like I see your growth within your every transfer to earth, these are some of the things that I welcome when you come back in this Home of mine.
Sometimes I see you looking sad because you would have wanted to accomplish many more experiences than the ones you actually achieved, many suffer because they have been unfair with other brothers, many suffer because they have not realized anything of importance for their other brothers, and I welcome them in my arms and I console them 'You will see, my son, next time you will make it', this is what I always say.
Then there are children that return satisfied and I welcome them with open arms and I compliment them just like a good proud Father and while I hug them I tell them 'My son, light of my eyes, you have done very well, I am proud of you and thank you for what you have done for your brothers; your death will be rejoiced by the satisfaction of knowing that everything possible was done to help you and your brothers to grow within my love, these are the words with which I greet you in this House of mine and if I told you these words it's to help you, starting from today through the rest of your terrestrial life, in behaving in the right way and being first of all happy for what you have achieved.
But now I would like to talk to you about my love towards each one of you children.
I told you that in your eyes I see perfection, because you are perfect but remembering that you are perfect is the process or the path that you have to engage to finally manage to recognize this; this perfection is what makes you worthy to be listened to by me and this perfection has always been a part of your Soul.
What I told you should allow you to get in touch with me knowing that you are always worthy of my attention and always worthy of my immense love.
My children, I have so very much love for each one of you, to me you are like brothers, like companions, you are everything to me.
If I could say the thousand words that I have inside my good heart, I would fill out all of the pages of this note book that Sara Luce is using right now, but it is possible that not even that would be sufficient, however I do want to tell you some of the things that more than others help you understand the great great love that I have for you.
When you make a mistake always remember that I will not be there to punish you because just like I told you, I will console you, because you will be the judges of your own actions, but also remember the immense joy that you will feel knowing that you will have done the right things during your terrestrial experience.
When you err you can always rectify every action of yours, therefore there is no need to be ashamed and go with courage to repair what you have damaged and maybe someone will not accept your apologies but if you will forgive yourselves also by adding the intention not to repeat that error, only then will you have grown.
When I told you that in your eyes I see the same love as mine it's because you have been moulded with all other love, the immense love, that I had inside my heart and this substance is the essence of your Soul, this is why nothing can be different in the behaviour of the perfect behaviours of love.
Sara did not understand what I meant therefore I will explain it in other words.
When I look inside your eyes I only see the love with which you were moulded, the same love that I put into it when you were created; this is what I see in your eyes, this love and this brings me to see every behaviour as perfect as the perfection that time will lead it to.
There, Sara has understood and I hope that now it will be clear for you too.
When I told you that you are worthy of entering in contact with me it's because it's this that I look in your eyes and your good hearts, look for me, many are the roads that lead to me, I created many of them so that you could find the most congenial way through his research, look for me, look for me in your heart, search for me in nature, in the traditions of populations, in the Churches of your planet, I will always be wherever you will be looking for me, I will be there for you my children.
I am about to conclude this message, but I will return when Sara will have completely stopped smoking those cigarettes, it's absurd how long it takes to quit smoking, you too, try too to limit your smoking, or stop all together, think of how many of your brothers die of cancer for a pleasure that is completely brought upon by the manufacturers of cigarettes.
In the meantime, which I hope will be very brief, I say goodbye to you with all my love my sons and daughters, re-read again this message without hurry, to know me as I am in the truth, I am a thoughtful and welcoming Father, certainly not a father that expects obedience and punishes his children, this is not a good father because what differentiates always and everywhere is the love with which I move with you and this great love will always be with all of you and this is how it will be forever.
A very large kiss to Sara Luce and a very large kiss to every one of you my children
Your Father that blesses you.
Words Of The Father Love Of The Father Perfection in Every Creature Perfection Part Of Soul Always was the Message received 8th October 2003
Words Of The Father Love Of The Father Perfection in Every Creature Perfection Part Of Soul Always
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