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Birth And Abortion Talk The Guardian Angels Soul And Future Body

Birth And Abortion Talk The Guardian Angels Soul And Future Body
Today's message is meant to provide an answer to your numerous questions that lately you have been asking us.
This is why we, Guardian Angels, have come to answer your questions.
We have come to the conclusion that perhaps you may have changed your mind about these messages, but you are still not sure whether to believe or not all that has been said on those messages that have been lovingly sent to you; for example, many of you have questions regarding the subject of abortion, for this reason we have come to talk to you and to answer all of the questions that you have raised.
First of all, we would like to tell you how a body is born and how afterward it will host its great Soul that chose to exist on your planet specifically through that body to follow the path of choice for his Soul.
We repeat that the body is only a container made to welcome the Souls that are ready for the new adventure on earth.
Many of you believe that it is sufficient to have a simple sexual act to conceive a baby, this is what all of you think, but if this was right, why are so many couples that unite with this purpose not always able to conceive? This mystery is easily explained, they do not know that it is from here that maternity and paternity are decided.
The future children come from here when they are ready to be born. It is therefore not yourselves that choose that child, but it's us from here that allow the development of the embryo, in the meaning of the choice of the Soul for that future creature. When the Soul is ready, the birth can take place.
During the pregnancy the little body grows and develops, as well as all of its functions that will ensure its survival once it's born, this means that the brains and the neurological connections develop also, and this is responsible for the many manifestations such as sucking the thumb or smiling or yawning or the simple moving in reaction to a stimulation.
During this period the Soul does not enter in its future body because it would be too small to contain the Soul that is expanded and would be too painful to experiment to be compressed in such a restricted space, but at the same time the little baby's Soul comes next to the future parents, gets to know them, looks inside their hearts, their minds and tries to comprehend them before even being born. This is what a Soul does during the period of time that precedes the birth on your planet earth.
When the body is more developed and its dimensions are larger, sometimes the Soul, as an exercise, enters the body when it is still in the womb, but it's a useful exercise to learn to be contained in such a limited space.
At the time of birth then the Soul enters definitively the body until the end of its earthly experience.
All this has been explained to you so you may understand that when it was said that those who had an abortion do not need to feel guilty, it's because no Soul had ever been assigned to that body, for this reason these sisters that are suffering so much after making such a decision have been invited to stop feeling guilty.
Nevertheless we love the possibility of bringing new children to light because every child donates the possibility to have experiences that would otherwise never take place.
With this we say goodbye to you for this opportunity to talk to you, always take advantage of the questions that your brothers ask the Lord to know how things really are.
We say goodbye to you with lots of love and we bless you.
From us Guardian Angels who have spoken in the name of the Virgin Mary and the Lord who asked us to answer this question on their behalf because it was from us that this teaching was sent to our protected ones.
Maybe you will be surprised in hearing us talk on their behalf, but over here in the Skies we can all be Teachers and Guides because what has been taught trough us are the same words that have been taught long time ago to all of us Guardian Angels.
Birth And Abortion Talk The Guardian Angels Soul And Future Body was the Message received 12th October 2003
Birth And Abortion Talk The Guardian Angels Soul And Future Body
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