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Truth And Real Security Fears And Search Of The Truth Gifts Of Knowledge

Truth And Real Security Fears And Search Of The Truth Gifts Of Knowledge
Dear brothers today I want to tell you an old anecdote that will help me explain to you some aspects of the truths that you are discovering in these messages of ours.
Let me begin.
Once upon a time, a long time a go, there was a man who thought he had learnt real things and behaved in harmony with what he had learned.
Over the years on many occasions he doubted that that was the truth, however each time he concluded that that must have been the truth, also because all his other brothers were also following it themselves.
When he was about to leave his life on earth, he again had one more doubt but he convened that it was too late to look for new answers and he took his last earthly breath.
When he reached the Sky here, the things that he used to see turned out to be very different from what he had thought when he was on earth and he asked himself why no one had ever taught him all that the Paradise really was. Then the Angels came close to him and explained that many, many, many, many, many times They had indeed tried to teach him all the truth of the Skies, but that every time that They managed to plant the seed of doubt in him, he had always chosen to confirm what he already knew, what gave him security, what everybody else professed and this too gave him security, so instead of setting out to look for the truth and with this a chance of finding the real security, he chose to stay within his convictions instead of looking beyond them. So this man was so shocked from the realization that many many times this had happened and was left speechless for the reasons for which he had refused to listen to the advice that the Angels had given him and he promised himself not to listen only to his own fears but to also really go in search of the truth.
Today's story wants to teach you to always listen to your own doubts, don't ever think that you have reached the pure knowledge, don't ever think that you are the repositories of truth, because every form of understanding may be interrupted, be always open to what comes your way, sometimes they will be small things, but other times will be gifts of knowledge.
Stay always open, don't ever close up on the search for truth, with time you will see what things will really be true and just, but in the meantime always remain open to the new.
This is the best attitude to have in life because it's what will allow you to seriously learn what can be the truths.
Today's discussion wants to be an invitation to change this attitude inside yourselves, and is connected to a previous teaching where you were invited to overcome your prejudices and preconceived ideas.
Today our friend Sara asked us if it is too much for us to dictate two messages a week, brothers I would be with you all the time, but maybe it's too much for you? This is what your brother Jesus asks you, if you feel that they are too many we could dictate once a week, or even once every fifteen days, let us know so that we can calibrate our effort of love.
Your brother Jesus who wants to help you and who needs your help to teach you in the best possible way for your brothers and sisters my beloved.
I say goodbye to you and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, I love you with all my big heart and I want to see you always active and responsible both towards yourselves and towards all of your other brothers and sisters.
I await your answer to my question, to let me know all you have to do is to communicate it from your good heart and I will listen to it immediately.
I say goodbye one more time, also to Sara, and I wish you a good day in love.
Truth And Real Security Fears And Search Of The Truth Gifts Of Knowledge was the Message received 15th October 2003
Truth And Real Security Fears And Search Of The Truth Gifts Of Knowledge
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