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Values Justice Brotherhood Responsibility Coherence Effort Courage Message

Values Justice Brotherhood Responsibility Coherence Effort Courage Message
Today's message talks specifically about the right values that you need to make available to your brothers and your sisters who live on planet earth.
There are no values that are worth more than others, because each value has in itself so much significance that it would be sufficient to just follow one value to witness changes in your own reality; there is therefore no measure to weigh values, however each one is extremely important.
Let's take for example the value of justice, this value alone would be enough to address your behaviour in so many ways that it would be sufficient to change many, many things.
Let's take for example the value of brotherhood, the value of helping your brothers and sisters, if we look closely this value has also so many implications, if followed, to last an entire life.
But the problem is not so much describing these values to you, the problem resides in what you do and what happens to you when you do follow your values.
First of all it is essential that every one identifies their own values, the values that are deemed useful to exist in the world, the values that are deemed useful for the world as that person sees it, this is an important step because there have to be individual values to guide the behavior of that individual person.
Once the values have been established it is important that we assume our own responsibility for carrying them through in the world, coherently and without exceptions or conditions. There can not be conditions in one's own values otherwise what kind of a value would it be if that value was applied at the discretion of each individual occurrence?
For this reason I told you that it is always necessary to take responsibility for following one's own values in a coherent manner.
This aspect should already give you an idea of my thought on this discussion, but I can understand it if sometimes it is not easy to be fully coherent with it especially if the circumstances make applying these values extremely difficult. In those moments, you should get in touch with Us so that we can send you our strength and the light of love to sustain you and allow you to act also under difficult circumstances.
What's important is that you never feel that you are alone when facing your challenges because you are never alone, maybe you are not fully aware of it, but I can assure you that in every difficult situation you also have me at your side, therefore when you act in accordance with your values which are also my values, my dear brothers and sisters, be aware that I will always be at your side to help you change this planet of yours so that it will become a place where it will no longer be necessary to fight for values to be respected, but they will be intrinsically part of every living creature that will inhabit this planet earth.
This effort of yours can sometimes be very difficult, sometimes it can carry a high price, but if you have chosen to put yourselves at the service of your brothers to help them know and improve their own quality of life on the planet, then it is important that you know that the rewards for this beautiful Soul will be great, and the rewards will not just be what this Soul will find once it returns to this Home, but the rewards will be every expression of affection and esteem that this Soul will receive on many occasions during life on earth.
Always have the courage to be coherent not only with yourselves but also with your own values, this is not your life's reality, you have descended on earth to experiment your behaviours, you yourselves have promised to always follow and practice what you had only learnt about from the teachings that we dedicate to you here in the Skies, but it's only on earth that you can experiment your spiritual achievements and by putting them into practice, you also experiment the importance of the transformation of a situation.
This is also what you have come to experiment when you chose to be born again on earth and this is precisely what we help you realize even with our words.
I am about to conclude this message, but not before talking to you from my heart: my adored brothers and sisters, never have doubts on our intervention in support of your actions that are inspired to achieve anything in the name of the love of all of your brothers; even if your own perceptions can not perceive our effort at your side, always be aware that where there is love that moves the behaviour toward other brothers, we are also right there with our effort of love. Be strong with this knowledge that we have communicated to you.
I say goodbye with all my good heart and all the love that I have for each one of you my brothers and sisters, you are loved from the immense love that I have in my heart for you.
I say goodbye one more time, always ask from your good heart and I will be happy to oblige you and help you remember all that your good Soul has always known, having always known the Ultimate truth.
Your brother Jesus who loves you and blesses you in the name of the Father, his Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go, go in peace with my Spirit.
Values Justice Brotherhood Responsibility Coherence Effort Courage Message was the Message received 22nd October 2003
Values Justice Brotherhood Responsibility Coherence Effort Courage Message
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