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Illegal Immigrants Hope To Live Projects For Ensure Survival Message

Illegal Immigrants Hope To Live Projects For Ensure Survival Message
Today's message is about those brothers who are suffering in the many corners of the world while crossing your seas, oceans or lands in the hope of finding work and quality of life to allow them to exist on this planet earth.
Many of them die during this attempt, your waters become the graves of the many hopes for the many desperate people that pay with their own precious existence and the deplorable conditions of life in the hell of the countries where they come from: these brothers are desperately looking for the land that will guarantee them the possibility to live in a dignified manner; these brothers do not know what it means to have a bed where they can rest, food upon which to feed their own body and the people around them, these brothers do not know what misery is because they are misery itself. If you think about it with my teachings inside your heart, you can not but help all of these desperate people, you must help these brothers not send them away with your expulsive ships and planes. Violence generates violence never forget it and your continued refusals to help will create the basis for the violence that will strike many innocents, just like they are innocent themselves.
This does not mean allowing all of those brothers to enter your lands, but helping them in their own countries to find the necessary conditions for a dignified and human existence for all of those brothers, without anybody taking advantage any further of these lands for financial and selfish reasons, this will be your effort of love if you will choose to put yourselves at the service of these brothers. Every land of this planet of yours has enough resources for all of the brothers that inhabit it, for this reason I tell you, dear brothers and sisters of mine, to busy yourselves promoting projects that allow these brothers of yours to remain in their own lands together with the people that love them, like the children or the wives or the entire families, without the danger of dying of hunger and exhaustion.
Many of you are working on projects that go in this right direction, brothers do make these project known to many people, I hope to everybody, bring them to the attention of your rulers, make them the object of your effort of love toward all of these brothers that are buried in the waters of your seas and oceans so that their deaths will not have been in vain.
Dear brothers this is today's message, because I often see your good hearts despair in front of these news, I see in your good hearts that you would want to avoid so much violence but perhaps you do not know the right way to stop it, for this reason my brothers I thought about sending you this message because I know that between those brothers that read my holy words there are brothers who could be useful in interrupting this chain of meaningless deaths, in the sense that it could have been avoided if problems had been addressed truly and seriously.
Instead of sending arms and bombs and military personnel, it would be better to do something important for the real solution to the problems for many brothers that, as opposed to you, suffer for the lack of the smallest things that ensure survival.
On the other hand, other brothers do welcome these desperate brothers, they welcome them, feed them, assist them, these brothers that welcome these desperate brothers accomplish some of the nicest tasks that a Soul can choose to accomplish toward another Soul, because every time a desperate brother is welcomed, a human being that does not possess anything other than himself, his intelligence and his hands, when those brothers welcome these brothers it is as if they welcomed me, because it is me, like it was me a long time ago, a brother that did not have anything other than himself.
My dear brothers, my dear sisters, make sure that your effort of love will truly help those populations with all of your good heart, truly help them build those standards for a dignified life useful for their development, do not search your gain when helping your brothers, but just like with every gift of love, help them to be independent from you and from your help forever.
Brothers and sisters I part from you for today and I give you a big, big hug, you are the light of my eyes, you are the love of my good heart, you are everything to me, you are the meaning of this effort of mine, and I also work with you to give you full freedom to exist, to know, to choose, to be that Light that your Father gave you and even my intervention is to give you back the freedom that many would like to take away from you for interests that are not yours, do you understand brothers?
I leave you to your effort of love, my teaching has terminated for today.
I kiss you with all the love that I have in the heart for all of my brothers and my sisters.
I kiss you and I bless you in the name of the Father, of this Son of His, of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who always, always, always will be next to all of you, brothers of the world.
Illegal Immigrants Hope To Live Projects For Ensure Survival Message was the Message received 26th October 2003
Illegal Immigrants Hope To Live Projects For Ensure Survival Message
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