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Peace Effort For The Peace On Planet Peace Between The People

Peace Effort For The Peace On Planet Peace Between The People
My adored brothers, today I have come to be by your side so that you can feel me next to you during these grave moments.
I begin this message with the words that the Father asked me to give you with all of his great Love:
'First of all I greet my adored children, I am your Father and I have come to talk to you to also support you during these moments where it seems that on your planet war must exists at all costs.
This is not the case my children, each one of you can do a lot to end this war and each one of you can do a lot for Peace to always reign on your planet.
Consider every one of you, my sweet children, like a small drop of this ocean that is the All of which you are made. Every smallest drop is the All and none of the small drops that make up the ocean must feel as if they are uselessly small and powerless.
These are the words that the Father asked me to give you on today's message because he wants to support you himself in this effort that you are making for the Peace on your planet.
Brothers, Peace is built by the effort of every single drop of this ocean that makes up all of you as brothers.
Don't lose the hope to change things that are not going well, everyone has the power to change them and if he or she puts effort into it and believes in their power to change, they will bring a new impulse to the whole group of which they is part.
It's sufficient to put the effort and it's sufficient to have genuine interest in changing, to begin making changes.
I am at your side and I follow you in your actions and I have already seen that you are working on it even though the beginning is always a bit more difficult. I have seen the flags displayed again outside your balconies, brothers if you only knew even the importance of those flags because when a brother looks at them, he immediately thinks about the war and about Peace and he stops to reflect instead of running fast to do the thousand things that I see you do every day.
You know, even these messages sometimes inspire curiosity, especially one question that I see people asking is about the authenticity of these messages; sometimes, rarely, these words do not manage to touch those hearts that are so closed to the truth, but often, almost always, these words of mine are welcomed and the emotion inside those hearts is great; even these initiatives that are circulating on your computers are important because they capture that desire for Peace that so many drops of this ocean are feeling, but they are convinced that they are few and therefore these initiatives serve the purpose of making obvious what I see at the bottom of your loved eyes and it is that your desire for Peace is much greater than the decision of a few to continue these unjust wars against other brothers, few drops, by the way, from the same ocean.
Dearest brothers, busy yourselves, put all of your effort and all of your love into the project to restore Peace on your planet.
Do all that is possible and even the impossible, but continue to build Peace between the people that make up your earth and you will see that very soon Peace will be here again and by bringing your wish for Peace you will help not only yourselves but also your brothers in cementing this wish for Peace in their good hearts so that Peace may always be on your planet.
Now I say goodbye, but I am always at your side, to understand, to help you and support you and sustain you and doing my part until Peace will be a reality.
I send you a big, big kiss and I wait for you on our next meeting with my holy words, but always be aware that I am next to you with my Spirit at all times.
I bless you in the name of the Father, the son Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go and work for the Peace with my Spirit next to each one of you my adored brothers and sisters.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Peace Effort For The Peace On Planet Peace Between The People was the Message dictated 03rd December 2003
Peace Effort For The Peace On Planet Peace Between The People
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