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Peace Working Hard For Peace Hope For Change Inside The Human Being Message

Peace Working Hard For Peace Hope For Change Inside The Human Being Message
Today's message is for those people who are working hard for Peace.
My dear brothers, what I see with my eyes is a comprehensive change inside the human being; you mustn't lose your hope for change because right now I see more and more people that are changing their opinion with regard to this war and they are embracing this word Peace inside their good hearts.
For this reason my adored brothers, continue to promote Peace between your brothers, they are accepting it and this change will soon bring Peace in your governments.
I am offering you this support because today I feel you are a bit held back in your actions that I know you are capable of carrying through, but it's necessary that you do not stifle this energy of yours and that you continue because only this will truly bring Peace in your world, earth.
Today I want to talk to you from my heart because every gesture to improve the life conditions on your planet must always be made with love and for love; remember that you are all brothers between yourselves and this help that you give, you make it available only for the love that binds all brothers.
If you could see how nice it is to see your good heart when it makes a gesture, a thought, aimed at helping your brothers, if you could see how you light up, it's a unique and wonderful show, brothers it's as if you shone like a precious stone, a diamond when it's hit by a sun ray, the diamond lights up with all the colours of the solar spectrum and these lights reflect what is in your good heart and you can see the light of love and you can see the light of hope and the light of the availability and the light of joy of helping other brothers and the light of thankfulness at the thought of this pledge for your brothers.
See, this is how your hearts shine and they also make the hearts of those whom you help shine, those who wait for this help from you even if they don't know you personally, but this help also serves the purpose of giving them courage to do the same in return, and their hearts light up and they will light up other hearts in turn.
Isn't it wonderful to see this? One day, when you will be on this side, in our dimension, in this Home of God the Father, you will see this wonderful show with your own eyes; for today I hope I have been successful in describing it to you properly so that you can imagine it as if your own eyes could visualize it.
There is a further reason why today I am talking to you about the light inside your hearts, my brothers, I know that you are constantly bombarded by catastrophic news, it's done on purpose so that you, disgusted, will stop worrying about those brothers who are suffering due to the injustices in this world of yours, this project of separation from the problems of your brothers in the world, it serves those in power who use it exclusively to increase their own power and their financial riches.
Do not believe all that they tell you because the lies are innumerable, lies of those who are in power and lies of those who publish the news.
Always try to remember this the next time you will listen to the news from newspapers and televisions; they tend to separate you, to distance you from one another when in fact the true salvation is to be united one with the other just like you are and you are all brothers.
Talk to those who live or work in the various organizations because only from their voices you will always know the truth.
For today I say goodbye, I hope to have sustained you in your effort toward Peace and toward all the important changes for all brothers.
I bless you, in the name of the Father, of his son that I am, Jesus Christ, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in my Peace and continue to build Peace and every righteous thing for all of your brothers. Your brother Jesus Christ, your big brother who sacrificed himself for all of you loved ones and who now teaches you to love like He has loved, to help you understand that love is perhaps the unique feeling that is always worth nurturing, every day, because where love has grown, justice, true justice, can become available for all brothers and sisters of all worlds.
Peace Working Hard For Peace Hope For Change Inside The Human Being Message was the Message received 10th December 2003
Peace Working Hard For Peace Hope For Change Inside The Human Being Message
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