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Men And Women No Difference Between Men And Women

Men And Women No Difference Between Men And Women
My dear brothers and sisters of the whole word, today I want to talk to you about the fact that for us, your Holy Father, the Virgin Mary, for me, his son Jesus and for all those Souls who are here with us in the Home of Our Father, there has never been any differentiation between men and women because these separations are only the fruit of the sexual difference that identifies your corporeal being, but it's certainly not a characteristic of your Soul.
Every one of you, throughout your many incarnations, has been woman as well as man, they are only experiences that aid your awareness to experiment the different perspectives from which to look at terrestrial life.
These differences exist because they are relative to your physical body and the necessity for reproduction, but this is the one and only reason, also for me, why I call you brothers and sisters.
During my life on your planet, earth, I have always talked to everybody, I always helped everybody, men and women followed me, I never differentiated between brothers and sisters because you are all equal and you have always been that way because you are the fruit of Love for the Father who is in the Skies and who has created everybody with the immense, immense Love that He has in his great heart.
Why should I have made differences when you are all my brothers, born from the same great Love that also created me?
What happened since I ascended here in the Sky of God our Father, comes from the action of my followers, people who have spread my teachings across the earth and it was them who also introduced new rules for example over priesthood; I am not very much in agreement with this because what is important is that Soul's choice to dedicate it's own life on earth, as a mission, to simply help all brothers and share all my teachings and our great Love for all of you who are born from the immense Love of our Father.
What I am telling you is my modest opinion, but I respect your decisions, however I hope that one day even the Souls that wear female bodies, will be able to reach their greatest aspiration which is to put themselves at our service also from within the Christian Catholic Churches; it would be very, very important for these sweet sisters to be able to celebrate Mass and distribute the Holy Communion in our Holy Name
Brothers I hope that this will really happen, but this, brothers, depends on your free will, it's you and only you that can introduce these changes to your religious rules.
Even in your own world there are people that can change these regulations, you can apply pressure so that they will take into consideration this legitimate need to service us without differentiation based on the physical body.
Today's discussion is the answer to a question from one of you brothers and sisters my beloved, because this sister feels that these differences have had a great impact since then all the way to today and they have created differences between men and women in many aspects of your working lives, your social organizations and overall she feels that in many sectors there is still not equality between men and women.
This message is for all of you brothers, so that you can understand that in truth for all of Us there is no difference, We look at you as Souls and not as physical bodies.
I say goodbye to you with the wish that upon reflection, each one of you my beloved brothers and sisters, will learn to look at brothers as Souls and not as physical bodies and will learn to look at brothers as they are without distinction of sex and will learn to look at each other as brothers as the fruit of the same great, or rather, immense Love with which our Father created them.
I say goodbye and I bless you
Your brother Jesus who has spoken to you also in the name of his Father and in the name of the Virgin Mary and of all us children who are in this wonderful Home of God the Father.
Men And Women No Difference Between Men And Women was the Message received 14th December 2003
Men And Women No Difference Between Men And Women
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