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Message From Heaven Happy Christmas And Our Best Wishes For The New Year

Message From Heaven Happy Christmas And Our Best Wishes For The New Year
Brothers and sisters of mine today I want to wish you a Happy Christmas and our best wishes for the new year that is about to begin.
Today's message wants to be a wish for my brothers that are guests on your beloved Earth.
Brothers and sisters if you knew how much we suffer when we see you on this earth, which could be just like our Paradise and instead the violence, the wars, the exploitation of resources and people have transformed this wonderful place into a place of desperation and enormous suffering; for this reason I have come to talk to you, to dictate my words to all of you, precisely to give you hope that with our help, this beautiful earth one day maybe in the not so distant future will return to be like our Paradise.
We would like for the immense love that we breathe here in Paradise to also reign over there, We would like that between yourselves there always be that commitment to help others, friends and people that do not know each other, just like they were brothers, like it happens in our Paradise, We would like that between yourselves love would flow like rivers without banks that are created by fears and insecurities, as it is normal up here in Paradise.
It's really very very sad seeing how you live, instead of living you always try to survive as if you could receive only insults and pain from others around you, and this my brothers fills my heart with great pain.
But all of this is about to end.
Soon, but in a bit of time, brothers We will come again amongst you and your earth will know immense love again, true justice, Peace, help between brothers and the love will flow like rivers and will become sea and then oceans and the whole earth will shine as it was created to welcome all brothers that want to learn from the direct experience.
Dear brothers and dear sisters my beloved, for this reason I have come to talk to you with these messages of mine, to prepare you for my next arrival on the beautiful earth; there is still time to go, but by preparing you with these messages, I want to teach you how to live like in our Paradise, this way you brothers can begin to create it on this loved earth before my arrival.
It will be nice meeting you again and seeing how much you have done just through listening to my messages, so that you will be able to teach them to all those brothers that you will go and help and more and more often you will teach these words to those brothers that will finally want to listen to them without those prejudices that can still survive nowadays.
My brothers, do you remember when I said 'Brothers, you and Us will create the new world'? Well this message is to tell you that it's precisely for this reason that we will do it, We together with all of you, and earth will return to be like our Paradise.
Be patient, because the time for this transformation is slowly, slowly approaching, for this reason brothers, Our best wishes for the new year are expressed because thanks to these messages, next year you will also be able to build a little bit of Sky on your planet and the same for the next years and then, when all will be ready, We will descend to you and we will embrace like brothers who are happy to meet again and it will be beautiful, you will see, it will be marvellous, finally the tears will be from joy and no longer from pain, brothers I will always remain with you and this will be forever.
You know I care a lot about you, a lot, really a lot, and to be without talking to you for a few days because our Sara will go on holiday saddens me, but soon I will come back to talk to you and give you other teachings so my beloved brothers and sisters you will be able to put them into practice in your daily lives, begin to build that Paradise even on our beloved earth.
Now I really must leave you, my heart is sad, but I know that soon I will return again to all of you, my much beloved brothers.
I bless you one more time, I bless you in the name of the Father, of this son Jesus Christ, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in my Peace and build the Peace in your planet.
This brother Jesus Christ who loves you of an immense love and who would love to remain here forever with all of you.
Message From Heaven Happy Christmas And Our Best Wishes For The New Year was the Message dictated 17th December 2003
Message From Heaven Happy Christmas And Our Best Wishes For The New Year
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