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Hatred Violence Competition Desire To Own Possession Free Your Hearts

Hatred Violence Competition Desire To Own Possession Free Your Hearts
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today I am here with you once again.
Many days have passed since our last contact but I have always been following you and I have seen you busying yourselves to help those people that were around you.
Brothers, if you knew how much love I have seen all of you giving during this period, you have helped, you have supported, you have made yourselves available to help and all of this is wonderful to watch.
I bless you for the good that you have done and I thank you for those brothers whom you have helped.
Over this period many things have happened that have shaken the hearts of many of you on your planet, I am talking of the earthquake and of all of those creatures that have left your earth and now are here with us, today they are in peace, but these brothers today would like that their lives, their values, would have been different, now they realize that the hatred that they felt for their brothers including the American brothers, is a hatred that has been taught to them starting from the school system and that has been kept alive during the course of their lives, but this hatred, brothers and sisters, only served the purpose of making their own lives much more difficult, especially as experiences for their own Souls, this is the experience that they would have liked to do without, because when you live in hatred, all other feelings tied to love can not develop as they should, for this reason brothers learn from their experiences and free your hearts from hatred, from violence, from competition, from the desire to own as much as your brother does, free yourselves from the envy and the desire for possession, let your good hearts experiment only love in all of its shapes and you will see that my brothers you will be the first to benefit from the change.
Today I am happy because I come amongst all of you again to talk and to bring you my teachings like I had promised you from the very beginning of this experience of ours.
I have seen you grow in the meantime and I hope to be able to help you grow a little more. Always remember my holy words when you meet those brothers of yours that cross your lives, always be loving toward all of your brothers, push feelings tied to selfishness away from your good hearts and always try to live in the light of love.
I leave you for today, soon I will be back again to talk to you again.
For the moment I say goodbye and I kiss you with all of the great love that I have for everybody brothers and sister of this loved earth
Your brother Jesus who will always be with you, my loved brothers and sisters.
Hatred Violence Competition Desire To Own Possession Free Your Hearts was the Message dictated 07th January 2004
Hatred Violence Competition Desire To Own Possession Free Your Hearts
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