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Dimension Manifestations From The Dimension Messages Authenticity Of The Contact

Dimension Manifestations From The Dimension Messages Authenticity Of The Contact
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, sometimes I hear our friend Sara asking herself questions about this rapport with us, so today I decided to talk in more detail about this wonderful but at the same time complex rapport that our Sara is experiencing.
I read many doubts in her feelings because other people also are allowed to have this contact with many realities that exist in this dimension of ours, but often these messages are not in perfect sync one with the other and this is what can bring people, the same people that receive our messages, to doubt about their perfect authenticity.
This is the problem that we will try to clarify today so that you will be able to understand these manifestations more in-depth.
You must know that each one of you has his own character, his own perception of the other dimension, his own religious culture of belonging, his own baggage of information that has been transmitted during their education and all of these things plus a lot more is what conditions the perception of our messages because, always out of respect and love for our brothers and sisters, we do not want to interfere more than it is right to. Do you understand why these messages can be so different one from the other?
We bring these people toward a gradual and authentic comprehension of our dimension and of the truths that we emanate and that we transmit to you.
For this reason sometimes you will hear talk about hell and sometimes you will hear talk as if hell did not exist, sometimes you hear talk of defending life in the womb of a woman and sometimes you hear respect for the woman's choice to make; these differences reflect the concepts of the two people that receive our message.
Many times it is this difference in contents to make them doubt their authenticity, but I want to teach you how to differentiate these messages on the base of the conception of the person that receives them.
Here with us all is Love, respect, sense of justice, reciprocal help, feeling of being all equal between us and the always available to help, this respect that illuminates our days, is born from Love and it's the manifestation of Love.
Now, when you listen to a message dictated to your brothers, in order to understand all of the truths contained in this message and to understand what you describe as 'personal interferences, it's sufficient for you to start specifically from the concept of Love and that you ask yourselves 'But would Love say this?', so you can discover that Love never lacks of respect, does not punish or threaten, Love does not differentiate, Love does not separate Love, it's a feeling that unifies, brother with brother, sister with sister and brother with sister, Love is food for the body, the mind and especially for the Soul, Love is where perfect justice lies and this means that death is never unjust because your life acquires its true own meaning precisely through death because it's at that time that all experiences that have been made on your earth become patrimony of your Soul forever and we prepare you for the next growth experiences on another existence.
Today's message has been dictated to allow you to understand the many facets of comprehending what comes to you from the Sky through the many brothers that want to help you with their efforts as well as help themselves grow and understand this one and only word: Love, because everything that exists was born from Love and will lead to Love.
Your brother Jesus who kisses you and says goodbye with respect and with his great Love; brothers meditate and always ask yourselves if every gesture of yours is done in the name of Love.
Dimension Manifestations From The Dimension Messages Authenticity Of The Contact was the Message dictated 11th January 2004
Dimension Manifestations From The Dimension Messages Authenticity Of The Contact
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