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Angels Protector Angels Help The Sky From God The Father Effort Of Love

Angels Protector Angels Help The Sky From God The Father Effort Of Love
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, so many words I dictated to you so far, sometimes I shocked you and surprised you, some other time I revealed aspects to you that nobody had transmitted to you before, some times I asked for your help to solve the problems of your brothers, sometimes I asked you to understand certain aspects of this dimension.
Today I would like to talk about this effort of ours to all of you, including our friend Sara.
Believe me brothers, it is not always easy dictating to all of you because so many emotions come into play and overlap with each other and they are emotions from our Sara and they are emotions that are even in ourselves but that we still have to dictate, but overall this effort of ours is going relatively well and I wish that it will continue to improve more and more.
I observe you brothers and I see the change inside your good hearts and this gives me hope that one day all of this disaster that I see with my own eyes as I scan through the entire earth, will one nice day end and bring back Peace, Love, Justice, Respect, Sharing, Help and Equality between all of these sweet children of our Father.
Sometimes it is so difficult for me to talk about what my eyes see because it is too painful and crying does not help transmit my holy words to you; sometimes I see so much violence that it petrifies me and this also does not allow me to transmit my thoughts to you; sometimes I am so angry and even this does not allow me to transmit my emotions to you; sometimes I am so happy and even this does not allow me to transmit my many other considerations; however today I am here with you to talk about emotions, my emotions and those that I read in your eyes. We are not as distant as you sometimes think we are and we intervene in your individual existences all the time, but we do it with a lot of discretion because we do not want to scare you, what we want is to be able to help you, often in a difficult situation we will send a signal, or help, or things wind up in a different way than before and you notice this, but I see so much difficulty inside some of you, to understand that it is simply the help from us from over here, from this marvellous Sky from God the Father.
Helping without a loud bang and a lot of clamour is our characteristic because it is very easy to believe to all that is blatantly evident, what's difficult is to accept and therefore to believe are precisely these signs of ours that are testimony of our help and our very existence next to each one of you, but this is the path toward the Father, toward His House and this path, a path that crosses the many lives, the various existences that you come to live on this beautiful earth and sometimes even on other plants, has this sublime purpose: find again the path to the Home.
These words have been dictated by the Protector Angels that today are here together with Me to transmit to you all of our words to allow them to reach you from this message.
Brothers this is our world, a world of Peace, a world of Respect, a world where Love and Respect are the only great values, just like earth was created a long time ago.
My dear brothers, it's a shame that I have to leave you but our friend Sara is beginning to be tired and tiredness is an emotion that does not help this contact.
We will talk again about this world of ours and the one that welcomes you now, try to take care of it, respect the environment, respect all brothers that inhabit it to experience things together and to find this road together, enveloped by light, that leads to the abode of our Father.
Take care of yourselves and of your children, always be available to help every brother, every sister that crosses your life and always confide in our existence and in our help, because in every moment we, the Protector Angels, are right by your side and if we can help you we do so with all of our great Love.
I say goodbye to you, this road will be long but soon with all of our reciprocal help, a new world will finally shine with Love.
Your brother Jesus who is always next to you even if he does not make himself visible, but He is there.
Angels Protector Angels Help The Sky From God The Father Effort Of Love was the Message dictated 14th January 2004
Angels Protector Angels Help The Sky From God The Father Effort Of Love
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