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Death When Death Is A Gift Of Life Rebirth For The Soul The Light Of The Father

Death When Death Is A Gift Of Life Rebirth For The Soul The Light Of The Father
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I want to talk to you about death giving back life.
My brothers if you knew how many times I have witnessed the rebirth of so many of your brothers when they arrived to our dimension following an illness that had forced them to leave earth; they arrived ill not only in the body but also in their Souls because suffering also brings this type of pain: fighting to hold on to physical life is very tiring, leaving your loved ones in mourning creates just as much suffering; but when they come over here, in this dimension of ours, this Light immediately surrounds them and heals every suffering that they have and this Light is the contact with our Father who welcomes these sweet Souls that come back home after long suffering on earth.
By the Light of the Father, the Soul feels like it's reborn again, the suffering disappears and the Soul is recharged with renewed lust for life and this is so that that Soul will experiment the feeling of being newly and splendidly alive like it had stopped feeling a long time before.
It's this Light of our Father that regenerates that person and this is the reason why often people that you have loved and that are here with us, transmit their happiness to you, their joy to feel so alive like had never felt before.
Today's message contains a teaching for the many people that are still on earth and that are suffering thinking of the suffering of those whom they have loved, but brothers do remember these words that I have dictated for you, suffering is purely an earthly feeling, it belongs to your dimension, but when they reach our dimension, suffering completely disappears with the Light of our Father.
This experience for your beloved ones is a source of immense well-being and peace returns immediately, the lightness, the lust for life and the will to do as much as possible to continue to develop their project of personal growth.
For this reason my brothers I invite you to stop feeling sad but on the contrary to be happy knowing that all of those people whom you have loved are now free from all suffering and are full of life and full of joy and serenity.
This message concludes with these words of hope from me because these words are the fruit of experience that I see every time a person who was once ailing on earth, comes to us.
I say goodbye to you and I kiss you with all of my great love, don't cry, hold on to the hope of what I have communicated to you with this message.
Your brother Jesus who listens to your every word and thought and reads into your good hearts and who wishes to help you understand all of the aspects of our dimension which you could not understand before being here, over to this side.
Death When Death Is A Gift Of Life Rebirth For The Soul The Light Of The Father was the Message dictated 18th January 2004
Death When Death Is A Gift Of Life Rebirth For The Soul The Light Of The Father
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