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Love From The Sky Love From God's Sky Interventions The Spirit That Is The Creator Of Our Father

Love From The Sky Love From God's Sky Interventions The Spirit That Is The Creator Of Our Father
Dear precious brothers and precious sisters of mine, today I want to tell you about how much Love comes to all of you from the Sky.
All of us, your dear ones, your Angels and also all of us, Me, the Virgin Mary and our Father follow you every moment of your life, We listen to your good hearts at all times and we listen to your thoughts and when we can, always within the boundaries of your free will and your choices, we try to help you by suggesting the best solutions to you, those that make your life truly something that is worth living, Sometimes it's your Angels that help you directly and as a result there is always a feeling of surprise, as if you did not expect any help from here, from God's Sky.
Your conscience has forgotten that you come from this splendid abode of our Father, but your Soul remembers everything perfectly.
Sometimes I see you shaken by our interventions, but why do you find it so difficult to understand that we are not separated by all of you?
What you call progress has been built giving importance only to material things and this is what must have contributed to distancing you from your Soul; I see a lot of people that do not care about their Spirit as much as they care about material things and they put all of their energy exclusively into accumulating mountains of things that will later become the subject of discussions and sometimes cause break-ups of relationships between their heirs. But what is all this for?
Your project is that of reconnecting your Soul, your Spirit, to what created it, the Spirit that is the Creator of our Father.
I am sure that this discussion is not referring to those of you who listen to the words that I, Jesus, am dictating, but they especially reflect many of your brothers who live all around you.
For this reason my dear brothers I want to tell you, so that you can be an example to those sleeping brothers of yours, never to forget, especially you, what your objective of growth is; be aware of our real presence, welcome with true joy every sign, every small or large help that comes to you from here, from the Sky, as a manifestation of what you already know; be aware that every sign of ours is only the manifestation of our union which has always existed and will exist forever.
When you will then return to this Home, then your eyes and all of your senses will have the confirmation, today we are separate but it's a separation that is only limited to the body, our Souls, our Spirits, are connected as they have always been and will be forever, beyond the concept of time and space, they will be forever connected.
Allow me to remind you that this common effort of ours is precisely the fruit of our contact, us and you together as we have always been; this shared effort will transform your planet earth into a marvellous place just like our Paradise, this is the purpose of our effort and for this reason my dear ones you must remember that you are always connected to us all, because this is the great truth that exists, the truth is certainly not your material world, all was created to allow you to develop, it's your creation at your service, but the real truth is our link, always and anywhere your Spirit lies, in any body, in any place, and in whatever condition you may find yourselves right now, but this idea of separation is the great illusion that your busy minds believe in but that your Spirit justly does not recognize as correct.
Always be mindful of your Spirit and take very, very good care of your Spirit.
Brothers, what I told you is only to help you give the right level of importance beyond the many things linked to materialism, you must first put all of your great effort into allowing your Spirit to rise, grow, learn and particularly to learn what Love is in all of it's components and in all of it's manifestations.
I say goodbye to you and I kiss you
Your brother Jesus who today has spoken to you to help you focus your attention to your Spirit and not to material things.
Love From The Sky Love From God's Sky Interventions The Spirit That Is The Creator Of Our Father was the Message dictated 21st January 2004
Love From The Sky Love From God's Sky Interventions The Spirit That Is The Creator Of Our Father
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