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Love Feeding Of Existence The Light Of Love Surrounds You

Love Feeding Of Existence The Light Of Love Surrounds You
Dear brothers and my dear sisters, if you knew just how much love is in our big hearts for all of you brothers, for those who listen to my holy words, those who listen to our messages, those who listen to our signs and all of the manifestations of the great love that comes to you from here, from this Home of God our Father.
If you knew how our eyes light up when we look at your eyes, if you knew how happy your Angels are and also your dear ones, how they light up, when their messages manage to reach you, reaching through and beyond your minds, they finally manage to reach your good hearts.
This light, this lighting up, is the manifestation of the wave of love that envelops our good hearts and envelops your good hearts.
If you knew what a feeling it is when afterward, when your love illuminates many brothers at the same time just like it's happening right now as all of you are reading these holy words of mine.
It's a great feeling and I thank you for this unique and marvellous experience.
When I see all of this light illuminating your good hearts, I kneel and I thank our Father that has allowed me this contact with you and He himself lights up for the joy to see me to tranquil and to see your good hearts feed that little light that He had donated to you long time ago.
Love feeds these experiences of ours, it's by giving love that you can feed this light, it's by behaving with love that you can change the world, that you can transform your earth into a place similar to our Paradise.
This movement is the only thing, it's the only aspect that can allow this transformation, if you could see how your beautiful light of love surrounds you, touches many people that you meet, with whom you get in touch or that you simply meet only physically.
The light that you emit, the light that is fruit of the level of your love, meets with the light of the other person and surrounds what you call the other person's Aura and by doing so it illuminates it as well.
For this reason it is really important that your good hearts are always fed by your experiences of love.
Begin by being conscious of the fact that these experiences of love are not only born from what can come from the other person, but they can also be induced by you in many many different ways.
Reading something, a sunset, nature that grows, sometimes even a good dish cooked with love can give you these emotions.
Praying with all of your good heart, looking after those people that are around us with lots and lots of affection, taking care of yourselves too, giving yourselves those little things that we know will make us happier, taking care of children, both our own and those of other brothers can bring experiences of love that can give us that light of love that you will then in turn give to your other brothers and sisters.
The secret for good health is the same: do everything with lots and lots of affection, with great love.
I see many of you, in your world, that are suffering with depression, brothers and sisters I come to you with these words of mine: Dear brothers and my dear sisters, you must put your love once again into your lives, this is the cause of your suffering, you have stopped putting all of your love into life both toward yourselves and toward what you do during the day for yourselves and for your brothers around you.
You should start again putting all of your affection into what you do, in what you experience and you will see that this is the solution to so much pain that fills your empty days.
But brothers this does not only apply to those who are suffering from depression, these words are for all of you; fill your days with love, fill your days with affection and this life of yours will seem really more fulfilling, richer, a nicer life to live.
If you invest your life with all of your affection and with all of your love, believe me, this will also manage to transform your existence into an experience that is so luminous and so rich of satisfactions that you will be the first ones to be happier with your lives and your existence will be source of enormous gratification as if you were already here in our Paradise where only love reigns and where everything is always done with all of the love, all of the affection that a Soul can experiment.
I say goodbye to you also for today, I send you a big kiss from my great heart, always bring your affection with you and put it into every situation and you will experiment emotions so beautiful that it will become easier and easier to put love in the centre of your own life and this will create additional love and your centre will shine of a beautiful light that will illuminate the world of your brothers and your sisters.
A big kiss to everybody,
Your brother Jesus who today thanks to you is living again a great experience of love and this makes me serene and allows me to give you new love, to those who have read and to those who have not read these holy words of mine.
Love Feeding Of Existence The Light Of Love Surrounds You was the Message dictated 25th January 2004
Love Feeding Of Existence The Light Of Love Surrounds You
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