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Countries At War Financial Reasons Desperation Survive People That Want Peace

Countries At War Financial Reasons Desperation Survive People That Want Peace
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I beg you to help those brothers who are not yet in the peace; many are the brothers who live in countries at war; many brothers have died and they died to help those nations that are richer than others to exploit those people that they seek to conquer.
Financial reasons are those behind most of the wars on your planet while other wars are generated by the desperation of people that otherwise would not know how to survive.
My dearest brothers and my dearest sisters, stronger action toward your governments is needed to change the political strategy that leads to war or that sustains a war or the participation to a war.
Don't lock yourselves in your homes, try to convey the need for peace that you feel inside your hearts to all of your brothers and if inside your own hearts you should feel hatred, or grudge against some of your other brothers, try to understand the reason for these feelings and abandon hatred and grudge, replace them with a positive thought, with a clarifying action or with the acceptance that for the other brothers things may be simply this way, personal problems that attack and damage relationships between yourselves, but you my dear brothers and my dear sisters, do try to only carry love in your hearts, be conscious that love can change this world in which you live and remember that the same heart beats in all of your brothers, a heart that knows love, true justice, freedom, sharing, brotherhood.
With your help these hearts can return to feeling these emotions, these truths and this can bring other brothers to join you in wanting the peace and when there will be many of you, an army made of people that want peace, that ask for peace, that demand peace, than peace will be allowed to exist, peace between men will be a reality.
Brothers and sisters, peace is not built starting from governments, because they are the expression of the dominant opinions onto the people: peace, as well as many other opinions, stem from the individual people and it's exactly by changing these thoughts dictated by the heart and by the mind at this level, that the rest will change by itself.
Brothers and sisters, I say goodbye to you for today, reflect on the words that I have dictated to you, purify your hearts from your feelings of hatred and grudge and bring the peace of your good hearts to your other brothers that can begin again to listen to their own hearts and the number of people that want peace will grow, people that ask for peace and this will bring a change in the politics of your organizations, of your governments.
I say goodbye with lots, lots of love my brothers and my sisters, I am always next to you to help you and to help peace reign on your earth.
Today's message teaches you to understand that when you talk of people, you are talking of your brothers and your sisters, of your hearts; it's time to change perspective when looking at the many problems that are on earth and the perspective is that of always starting from your good heart to transmit all the love necessary for every transformation.
I say goodbye and I kiss you
Your brother Jesus that today once again dictated words of hope and love for you.
Countries At War Financial Reasons Desperation Survive People That Want Peace was the Message transmitted from the Sky 01st February 2004
Countries At War Financial Reasons Desperation Survive People That Want Peace
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