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Invoking Prayers Promise Transforming Suffering In Opportunity For Spiritual Growth

Invoking Prayers Promise Transforming Suffering In Opportunity For Spiritual Growth
Brothers and sisters today I want to tell you what I see with my eyes when situations seem to be too difficult for you to face; this feeling of yours that forces you to ask for our help through the many invoking prayers and also through the promise of your offerings if our help will come.
Brothers, life has never trials so hard that they can not be overcome with the resources that had been given you before your incarnation. When you chose, when you decided on the path of growth for your Soul, all that was necessary was given to you to succeed in your goal, in your program; these resources are already part of your being and are always available for use; what was donated to you is already in your great heart and what you need to do is simply reactivate those resources already present in all of you.
How many times you were shocked at having managed to overcome difficult moments in your existence, how many times you saw people around you managing to overcome tremendous moments despite all odds, it's sufficient to think of those brothers who endured serious disabilities that affected the rest of their lives soon after they were born and despite this they lived on and they managed to turn their handicaps into a growth experience that changed the quality of their own lives as well as the lives of many other brothers with similar problems.
Even those people who live in countries at war, by leveraging these gifts already present in their hearts, have managed, despite everything, to live this existence of theirs transforming a tragedy into an opportunity for spiritual growth.
Brothers, in the name of all that I am telling you, as well as sending us your prayers and your offerings, do activate the gifts that are already in your good hearts.
Try to remember how many brothers at this moment in time are facing extremely tough situations and try to mobilize yourselves so that even during moments of suffering your life will always have a direction, a purpose, a precious meaning for you and your brothers.
Closing up inside of yourselves until the pain has gone does not help you transform your pain into a growth experience, it only accentuates the feeling of suffering and does not help you activate those resources that are already inside your good hearts.
Reflect on these words of mine and you will discover that even with your own past experiences, things took a turn for the better precisely the moment when you opened up again to the world around you, you have taken care of your other brothers and sisters of your world and that was of great help also to overcome your own problems and pains.
I could mention so many examples to you, but it's enough for you to think of us a little and many examples will come to mind even to all of you.
So do try to change every experience, every moment of your existence, into a moment of openness and not of closure from the world that surrounds you.
Today there are many people who take refuge into a little corner of their lives and sever every contact with the outside world waiting for their discomfort to pass, but this is not the best way to overcome a problem, instead when you open up to the outside world, and you take your problem with you, listening to other people's problems and your own actions to help others, is something that heals not only the body but is also an opportunity to continue to transform your own existence into a very valuable experience.
I say goodbye to you for today, think of these words that I have dictated for you because I am sure that many of you will treasure these concepts and will put them into their existences.
I kiss you with all of my love
Your brother Jesus who today was with you to help you look through his eyes to the various situations and difficulties that life sometimes presents.
I thank you for having listened to me once again today, I hope I managed to help many brothers and many sisters of mine overcome these moments, sometimes long moments, of difficulty. Continue to be open to the world and many things will solve more quickly, of this I am sure.
I kiss you and I hug you one more time
Your brother Jesus
Invoking Prayers Promise Transforming Suffering In Opportunity For Spiritual Growth was the Message dictated 8th February 2004
Invoking Prayers Promise Transforming Suffering In Opportunity For Spiritual Growth
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