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Faith Not Seeing Is A Reason For Doubting Faith As Recognition Of The Truth

Faith Not Seeing Is A Reason For Doubting Faith As Recognition Of The Truth
My adored brothers and my adored sisters, today's message that I want to dictate to you is in regard to our presence next to each one of you, at all times, every moment, every second of this existence of yours.
I am aware that many of you do not believe unless they see with their own eyes, this is an old story that Saint Thomas represented very well, but if everything was visible, what would happen to Faith?
Sara Luce here is laughing now, it must be because of my jokes, but they are not really jokes because my dear brothers, when I look at you, I always see that doubt because for you not seeing is a reason for doubting.
However maybe if you could see you would not believe and you would invalidate your vision thinking maybe that it must be a hallucination and the doubt would promptly return. So, what can we do to convince you of our existence? Maybe we could make a miracle but maybe even that would not be of use because once the miraculous event has taken place would you still not feel us next to you and so, what to do?
The heart is the place where you can feel the Truth, it's inside your good heart that you will be able to discern the Truth and the falsehood, the illusion and the Truth, the Truth and the lie, the truth and the worry; so brothers and sisters this is where you can find the Truth, inside your good heart.
Yes, it's there where Faith is formed, just as recognition of the absolute Truth.
We talk to you, we make suggestions to your heart through which we are in contact with you, that heart to which we transmit all of our great love, it's inside that heart that we live, it's inside that heart that room is made for contacting us and it's always inside this heart of yours that we rescue you with all of our love.
This is the reply to many of your questions on where we are in contact with every one of you, the answer is: inside your good heart.
This can seem obvious to many of you, but have you ever tried to get in touch with your good heart?
We are there, but where are you?
Often you are only in your mind and out of all of those thoughts that you continually produce maybe one out of a hundred can be considered linked to the Truth, more often than not they are worries, images of non-existing future, difficulties that scare you, imagined reactions to other people's behaviours, revenges, jealousies, and even pet hates, then of course there are the rational thoughts regarding what to do, the job, the commitment in your own existence, but of thoughts on the Truth as I have mentioned to you there is one in a hundred, if that.
So my dear brothers when you want to know the Truth, you must go inside your good heart, there you will find all of the answers that you need to know and these Truths will appear so very simple to you because the real answers are always simple because, my brothers and my sisters, a Truth is a statement that is free from any emotional implication and that is why it is simple.
Try to take a problem, take out all of your emotions, all of the consequences that you imagine, take out all of the explanations that you can give for it, take out also the possible justifications, what is left in your hands which is what is in your good heart, will only be the observation, what it really is, the first thought, the Truth.
So we will continue our discussion on the Truth of our existence, position yourselves in your good heart, eliminate any emotional and rational implication that often coincide with your doubts and your worries and you will find that just by listening to the Truth in your hearts that Us, all of Us, we are genuine, because we exist, because this is the Truth and while you will listen to your heart, you will be able to listen to our true voices while we speak to you.
Now that I have clarified this method, don't keep playing with your mind but go straight to your good heart every time you need to know the Truth on an important question that you have.
For today I will say goodbye and I kiss you with all of my great, great love, I kiss you with all of my affection, you have the opportunity to take another step forward toward awareness, do treasure it.
Your brother Jesus for today from Sara's space, says goodbye to you, I will be with you soon sweet brothers and sisters of mine. I send you another kiss again, this experience wants to teach you to proceed on the path of Love and Truth.
Faith Not Seeing Is A Reason For Doubting Faith As Recognition Of The Truth was the Message dictated 11th February 2004
Faith Not Seeing Is A Reason For Doubting Faith As Recognition Of The Truth
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