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I Love You The Most Important Message For You Message From Our Father

I Love You The Most Important Message For You Message From Our Father
My dear children, today I have come to talk a little with you who are my children and I have come to stimulate you to proceed to search for our presence, our voices inside your hearts.
Some of you who have read my Son's message a few days ago experimented this and were not able to feel me while I was talking to this child; it takes effort in everything that you do that regards the contact with your good heart and therefore with our presence inside it; I can not turn up the volume of my voice if you do not open your heart to Love, this is the emotion that allows you to listen to these words and this is the emotion that will allow you to listen to my voice inside your good heart.
Reflect, the feeling of Love, with the capital L, is the bridge that connects our existences, it's Love that allows this contact, it's always Love that allows you to get in touch with the absolute Love that I emanate toward you; it's like a trail that you can walk starting right from your good heart, from your immense Love that I put inside your hearts when I had created you.
What happens to you when you try to get in touch with us? If you could see, you light up as if your body was illuminated from the inside out, the joy that you send out makes your luminosity almost blinding, it's as if you lit up just like all stars light up at night, this scene is what allows you to be a star between the stars, light in the light, Love in the infinite Love and there are no obstacles, no differences, during those moments we are the same essence, it's as if we were one single person, a single Soul.
When you try to connect with us think of these words of mine, right at this moment in time it's your twelve o' clock of a Sunday, there is a son of mine who is trying, he is trying very hard, maybe now he is listening to me.
'Can you hear me dear? I am the Father and I am here inside your good heart, dear, don't get so angry with your work colleagues, try instead to be aware of the great Love that I have put inside your heart, try to forgive and not react to provocations, to violence, try to always be loving, sow Love and from its seeds a new relationship will grow between you, be the example of Love that I gave you just like I did to all of my children, don't try to be something that you are not, listen to your heart and move in synchrony, Love yourself like I Love you, and it's a great Love, no grudges, think only of looking at your own responsibilities, if you think you can improve yourself, go ahead, self-improvement is an important aspect of your growth, however be aware that while growing you must put more and more Love in everything you do, in every contact, in every thought of yours, because this is growth from my point of view.
What I tell you today, I will repeat to you again because this is the most important message for you and for many brothers of your that are reading the words that I am dictating to you, in this moment, from inside of your good heart'.
My dear children, today's message, slightly different from the others that I dictated to you, only wants to push you to go inside your good heart to have the answers to many of your questions. I am inside each of your good hearts and I talk to you and I talk to teach you to help you walk on the road to Love and Truth.
Your Father says goodbye to your for today and I hope to be able to talk to you directly more and more often, I talk to you in the name of Love, I listen to you in the name of Love, at all times and always for Love I am with you.
I Love You The Most Important Message For You Message From Our Father was the Message dictated 15th February 2004
I Love You The Most Important Message For You Message From Our Father
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