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Parents To Be Parents Teachings From The Sky Reflections

Parents To Be Parents Teachings From The Sky Reflections
Brothers and sisters of mine today I want to teach you how to be like those parents that every child would want to have when growing up in the light of love just like when he is over here, with all of us, in this wonderful place that is the Sky of God our Father.
You must know that over here the children, we are all children, are always in touch with our Father, there is no separation, there are no hierarchies, we are all together and the Father is always present amongst us.
You must know that every child hugs our Father every time he wants to, every time he feels the need, every time he feels nostalgic of his own parents who are still on earth and every time the Father hugs them back and He consoles them and He tries to do what is possible for those brothers who are still walking their earthly path. Every time a child asks for help, this wonderful Father of ours attends to him and cries and laughs together with his child; there are never more important things to do than to be with his own child.
When we look at you from up above, it always breaks our hearts to see how much selfishness many parents have for their own children, often the children are the last ones, often a parent's own things or needs come before listening to one's own child, often they are too busy to listen to the problems of this child or they are blocked to listening to their feelings, or even when one expects one's child to be someone that he or she is not, the realization of the various dreams and aspirations of the parents as opposed to those of the child.
You must know that our Father has never punished a child of his, He has always forgiven, He has understood that mistakes are inevitable for the growth, but listening and talking to His own child, he has always helped him understand the reason for those errors and then He gave his trust and that child has always improved.
When we see on earth, how a child is familiar with this violence right from the inside of his family, this so-called Temple of love that it is supposed to be, our Father feels so much pain and so much anguish for that young creature because every violence brings a sea of anguish in the heart of this young child and allow me to say that violence always brings violence and this world of yours so full of injustices and violence is also the result of the great violence and of the little love that I see in many of your own families.
You must know that over here nobody abandons a brother, here we are all together and we all help each other in times of need; there are no greater commitments than when a brother or sister of ours is in need and asks for our help and right then there is nothing more important than to help this child of God our Father.
When we observe what happens amongst you, our hearts always breaks in two, brothers and sisters abandoned to their difficulties, beggars of money and love, you never stop fretting over your own things and you let the other person get by somehow.
When the parents do not heed their children, you must take care of these creatures who are evolving, don't leave them alone, abandoned, without a guide, without an adult that will listen to them, that will console them, to make them cry or to dry their tears, don't leave them without love because it's the food of this young Soul. Talk also to their parents, listen to their difficulties and do what you can to help them recapture the serenity in their families.
When we see all of this selfishness on our beloved earth, we know that a lot of that selfishness was learnt from the parents who instead of giving love to their children they deprived them of it, giving up on the commitment that they had taken to educate with love that creature that they had carried in their womb or that they had participated to the creation with their semen.
There are many parents who are in conflict with their children, they always want to be the ones to command, they have the truth, their entire knowledge, but their children are Souls, very ancient ones, they have lived many lives, many experiences, conquests, a lot of knowledge, they have learned a lot, but these parents treat them as if they did not know anything and don't think at all that they could enrich themselves when interacting with their child.
Not even our Father is that pretentious, even though He does know, He has experience, as He created everything and therefore knows everything in the slightest detail, our Father always puts great modesty when contacting every child of his because the joy of participating to the success of a child of His, is a wonderful feeling, and He feels it right thanks to every child of his, this is the enrichment of our Father and this enrichment comes from every child of his.
Concluding this message, my brothers and my sisters, you must always put a lot of love in every moment of your earthly life and especially when you are parents, you have a duty, the most important one of your life, educate your children within love, those Souls that our Father entrusted to you so that you could help them grow in serenity, in love, in trust, in safety, to allow them to develop their own program; this is your greatest duty and everything else must come second after this.
I say goodbye for today, I send you my blessing, I bless you in the name of our Father, of this Child of his, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace, bring my peace into your families and love, love and you will see how enriched you will be from these experiences.
Your brother Jesus with lots and lots of love for every one of my sweet brothers and loved sisters.
Parents To Be Parents Teachings From The Sky Reflections was the Message dictated 18th February 2004
Parents To Be Parents Teachings From The Sky Reflections
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