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Growth Mission Words From The Sky Words Of Love And Truth

Growth Mission Words From The Sky Words Of Love And Truth
My brothers and sisters, today I have come to talk to everybody about just how much love is in our good hearts for all of you who are still on earth.
We learn so many stories from your lives, so many emotions are expressed in your good hearts for the brothers and sisters that are in contact with you.
How many times you express words out of your good heart, thoughts, actions that you pronounce or do for your brothers, those words, those actions, all that is being mobilized for your brothers is often the result of our direct intervention aimed at your good heart, the place from where we listen, it's from your good heart that sentences originate, those words, those hugs that you then give to your brothers and sisters.
We follow you right from your good heart and from here we suggest you the best way to be of help to others; this is our love for all of the brothers and sisters that are on earth today during their growth mission.
If you listen to the words that you say to the other person during that person's difficult moment, you will realize how much truth I have just communicated to you, the words seem to be the right ones, they come up in your mind all of a sudden and if you are careful, you will notice that in your good heart you feel a very special emotion because you feel and you are aware that those words must be directed to the good heart of the other person; you know, you are aware of it, that those words will be listened to and possibly followed because they are words of love and truth.
At this moment in the heart of those people listening to these words of mine there are remembrance, realization, agreement, and awareness of what you had already experienced but that now you can look at it from a different perspective.
My brothers this has always been happening and will forever happen, because we have always been and therefore we will forever be in your good hearts.
So many emotions are felt inside your good hearts, so many lessons of life you learn through what your good brothers tell you, so much responsibility to learn and also to grow through their experiences, because my brothers and sisters, even by only listening to their stories, the feelings, the experiences, you can grow and assimilate even if you do not experience them first hand; what I told you is important also to reflect on what can be done when you witness certain situations.
I tell you that very often I see many of you not doing enough to transform your reality, I see many of you doing the minimum necessary for the world of your brothers, instead you should try to really do what is possible and sometimes even the impossible to help your brothers.
I see silence during many of those situations that instead should provoke your reaction and even your interventions. There are brothers that make mistakes, that cheat, dishonest brothers, brothers that do not have any consideration at all for their other brothers and this should push you, with love, to react, to help those brothers find the right path again and instead I often see your disengagement, your lack of interest for these brothers and toward those brothers that are being harmed.
Remember that we are all brothers, those that you know and those that you don't know, but we are all brothers amongst us, this is what I tell you, you must act and not be simple spectators, because for this world of yours to be transformed it needs the effort from all of you, of all of those brothers that live on our beloved earth.
Just like we suggest the words of love out of your good heart to give to your brothers who are in difficulty, you can also help with your words of love those brothers who have lost their way and have left the road of love and truth.
I am about to conclude this message, but before I do I want to say goodbye to you with all of our great love.
Brothers this love of ours for all of the brothers and sisters who are on earth at this moment is great, we love you of an immense love and this is also the reason for communicating it to you through all of these messages.
Brothers, we will raise you together in love because this has always been our objective, it's for this reason that we talk to you and we invite you to always put love in every thought, behaviour and action of yours that is aimed at your brothers.
I told you that we love you, on the other hand, how could we not love you? You are our sweetest brothers, those who we are raising, those that are learning to love, those that just like children we take by the hand and lead to the path that leads to our Father, the Absolute Love, and our inspiration.
I say goodbye to you and I kiss you and I sing a love song together with the Father for all of you brothers, a song that talks about our great love for you brothers.
Your brother Jesus that sings for you my sweet brothers and sisters.
Growth Mission Words From The Sky Words Of Love And Truth was the Message dictated 22nd February 2004
Growth Mission Words From The Sky Words Of Love And Truth
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