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Pollution Overheating Desertification Change In Weather Of Planet Earth

Pollution Overheating Desertification Change In Weather Of Planet Earth
My dear and adored brothers and sisters, look out of your windows, what's the weather like? Is it pouring, is there snow, is it cold, is it windy, have you turned your heating on, are you still wrapped up in your warm clothes?
Summer is almost here but it feels like we are in the middle of the winter.
You are not witnessing a simple unseasonable change in weather, it's a sign that your planet is feeling the many attacks brought on by the human race, they are called pollution, overheating, desertification, they are also called bombs, they are called far-from-intelligent exploitation of the resources of planet earth.
These as well as other phenomena of which you have been aware for many years are the true cause of this change in climate that affects your entire planet with no exception whatsoever.
Why, do you think, over the years many brothers and sisters have pointed out these dangers that humanity was running into?
Nobody, and it's a lot of them, exposes themselves or dedicates part of their lives to point out and resolve these serious problems unless there was a great need from the brothers and sisters of the entire world.
Today looking out of your windows, you see the reason for this great effort on their part.
It is not necessary to leave the heating on for a few more days or a few more months, just like it's not necessary to buy a few more extra warm jumpers to protect from the cold, what is necessary brothers is for you to unite with those brothers and sisters that are bringing forward this effort so that all together you can bring about the necessary transformation so that your planet can find its normal and necessary balance.
Meditate carefully because these problems will not go away by themselves, all of your effort is needed, but I am sure that now looking out of your windows you will think about these holy words of mine and maybe you will start to do something all together.
Also think about the fact that this planet of yours still needs to welcome many more future Souls, including your own for many more growth experiences for your love and when all together you will take the necessary steps to improve this marvellous earth of yours, actually, you will be doing it for yourselves also, because when you will come back you will be able to find a welcoming environment as opposed to disastrous conditions that can not permit physical survival.
And if this pertains to a certain time in the future, think about your children who are growing today, one day this earth will have to guarantee them their survival, what do you want to leave them as a legacy?
This is also something that you should be thinking about as you look out of your windows, think about those who still have a life to live, for many more years.
With this I leave you, I kiss you with all of the great, great love that I have in my heart for you; my dear brothers and my dear sisters, you still have time to fix all that you have destroyed on earth, but you have to put all of your love and all of your knowledge and the harmony of your planet can be recovered.
Now I say goodbye to you, so long my brothers and sisters, I send you a big kiss and all of the love that I have in my heart for you.
Your brother Jesus Christ who loves you and wants to teach you to address your problems to resolve them and transform this planet of yours into a better world and my dear brothers, together you can do it. This message is for you so that you may act and not just look so that you may always act with love and for the sake of your love and the love of all of your brothers and sisters
Pollution Overheating Desertification Change In Weather Of Planet Earth was the Message dictated 01 March 2004
Pollution Overheating Desertification Change In Weather Of Planet Earth
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