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Awareness Of The Real Existence Of Heaven Message

Awareness Of The Real Existence Of Heaven Message
My dear sisters and my beloved brothers today I want to talk to you from my great heart because I see that at times like this you need to feel our presence next to you, that we are close to you.
There are many problems that afflict you, from the war to the environment, health problems to problems tied with love for yourselves and for your brothers, problems with your work commitments and the corruption of your superiors. There is a great variety, but what can probably help you face them and try to change this planet of yours is actually the awareness of our real existence, of the real existence of Heaven, as you often call it, this place from which once again today we are transmitting this new message, borne from the great, immense love that we have in our large heart for each one of you brothers and sisters.
When we listen to you, to your imploring, your heartfelt prayers, your begging, we listen to your suffering, your fears, your pains and we always help you my brothers with our Light of Love to cope with these difficult moments that many of you have experienced and many will experience.
But if you matured your certainty of our existence while listening to our sweet words, even your painful experiences that sometimes befall your lives, would be viewed with the hope that through love many things can be transformed and again thanks to love they can always be put right and again thanks to love they can be accepted and thanks to love they can be alleviated and understood thanks to the contribution of love from these messages of ours.
My adored brothers and sisters, this love is given to you continuously from all of us who are here in this wonderful and holy place from which we talk to you today and we have already transmitted many words and over time we will transmit to you just as many words; but this entire commitment is specifically to reassure you that what we have told you so far and what we will be telling you is proof of our real existence, of the real existence of our Father, of the real existence of this holy place where love is the basis and this is fundamental for giving you a meaning for this existence of yours which otherwise would have no meaning whatsoever.
This is what I wanted to tell you with our message, brothers and sisters, when I speak to you, I do so with this purpose in mind, to help you be aware of our presence and acknowledge that everything that I tell you is the truth, so that you can all learn, grow within love, think, reflect and act, always having in your heart this knowledge and so that you can face your lives and the difficult moment always referring to your great love and aware that you can always, always count on the great, great love that we have for you brothers.
Today's message wants to be a reflection for all of those brothers that are already following their existence with their love and that are listening to me and are aware of what I am dictating to you, but this message also wants to be an opportunity for reflection for those brothers and sisters who are still not following with due attention the words that I am dictating to you; these words must not be read with superficiality, they need to be pondered upon, reflected upon, listened to from your good heart and absorbed and internalised even if in reality they were already part of the knowledge that is already part of your good Soul; I am merely reminding you of it, but it's important that you live these meetings as an opportunity that Love is giving you to continue on your path of growth and awareness.
I will say goodbye for today, I am leaving you, but it's only a formal goodbye because we always remain at your side every moment of your existence, day after day and I will never tire of repeating to you that you are all in our great hearts and that we feel lots, lots, lots, really lots of love for all of you, beloved brothers and sisters.
A kiss and a goodbye
Your brother Jesus who is always next to all of you and who illuminates you with his great Love.
Awareness Of The Real Existence Of Heaven Message was the Message dictated 3rd March 2004
Awareness Of The Real Existence Of Heaven Message
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