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Soul The Soul's Choice Before Incarnating On Planet Earth Message

Soul The Soul's Choice Before Incarnating On Planet Earth Message
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, these meetings between us have become a very important opportunity to teach you and help you remember the many things that your Soul already knows but that you in general do not remember.
Today we will talk to you about the Soul's choice before incarnating on your planet.
Sometimes people do things against others, be the others people or creatures from the animal or vegetable world and many, many people often ask themselves if their behaviour is an integral part of the initial program of these people, or whether they are choices that this person makes once incarnated on your earth.
This is the subject that we will discuss with you today also because it generates confusion.
You must know that when a Soul chooses the path that it intends to take once incarnated, the Souls always put Love first in their projects; they can choose to develop certain aspects of their own growth path such as being together to all brothers as if they were really siblings or they can choose to perfect their availability to all other brothers and can choose to experiment with true love towards their own couple or towards their community or they can choose respect as the principle for their own existence on earth or they can choose to help others grow within respect or put love for all species in first place to help others respect these important resources for the welfare of all those creatures that are temporarily guests of your earth from the origin of humankind until reincarnation will no longer be necessary because every living creature will have matured completely towards the path of love.
So my brothers these are generally the projects that every one of you has made before descending on your earth.
This is why many of your brothers are fighting and putting a lot of effort and a lot of love for many other brothers, because they remember their projects and they are busy achieving their goal.
On the other hand many brothers, once on earth, perform acts that are very different from what they had promised themselves when they were here with all of us.
Those brothers harm your society: it does not matter if the harm reaches the entire humanity or one single person, what these brothers are doing is without doubt damaging, in their own individual way.
Suffice it to think about how many tragedies happen in the world to understand it; these brothers did not choose these types of inhuman behaviour as a way of help to other people, who are we kidding???, because in every project, as I have already explained earlier, Love is always in first place and my brothers Love would never do any harm to anybody.
Love is the emotion that above all wants to see Satisfaction in the other person as well as Satisfaction for us; up here this means allowing the other person to experience intense love and joy, it means allowing others to grow and expand of all of the love that they have inside their good hearts; Satisfaction is the other's realization in all of its aspects including those tied to the effort for the others; Satisfaction is therefore the greatest act of Love because it's the expression of Love itself.
Because of all this, my brothers, the time has come for each one of you to take on the great responsibility of your own precious existence and always try with all of your great love that is inside your hearts to achieve the project that was chosen here in the Sky for everybody and for yourself.
Now that this confusion regarding the actions amongst brothers has been well cleared, it would be important to put your precious effort into respecting your other brothers and putting your precious effort for the satisfaction of the entire words as well as the brothers who are next to you.
With this effort you will soon see this transformation that we wish upon all of our brothers who inhabit your wonderful planet at this moment.
With these words of mine I say goodbye to you my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, today I have been very happy to teach you a very important concept and I am happy if these words of mine will be listened to by your good hearts because change for everybody and for yourselves starts right from inside your good heart.
I kiss you with all of the love that I have in my heart my beloved brothers and sister, I leave you only with my voice, but always remember that I am at your side to help you with all things in your precious life.
Best wishes to my sweet sisters for tomorrow 8th of March, tomorrow is Woman's day and I want to bring our wishes to all of the women of the world, may your love illuminate your entire earth and may your children learn from your love and in turn bring love into the world and may your companion learn to give each one of you sisters a lot of Satisfaction to allow you to make your individual projects come true together.
Your brother Jesus says goodbye even though the temptation to stay here and keep talking to you is always very strong but now I must conclude and go.
Once again a great kiss to all of my brothers and my sisters and this will be forever and for eternity.
Soul The Soul's Choice Before Incarnating On Planet Earth Message was the Message dictated 7th March 2004
Soul The Soul's Choice Before Incarnating On Planet Earth Message
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