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Responsibility Take Full Responsibility For The Choices Message

Responsibility Take Full Responsibility For The Choices Message
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to talk to you with all of my heart, about the time when I left my beloved earth to ascend to the Sky and reunite with our true Father.
Talking about it is not easy because my dear brothers I would have wanted to remain on your earth for a whole lot longer, but my sacrifice, the crucifixion, was the action that enabled me to save not only those people to whom I had taught my holy words and told my parables, but also all of the other brothers and this way I would have helped not only those who followed me, but I would have also taught to the many others whom I would meet in my travels; however my brothers I have died for all of you, brothers and sisters, for all of you, Souls, who now inhabit this wonderful earth and for all those who inhabited it and those who will inhabit it for a long time still.
This choice to immolate my life, despite the physical pain, was my choice dictated by the Love for all of you who today can hear me through these holy messages.
There was so much pain, not only physical, but especially inside my great heart, brothers I could feel your pain, your shock, the rage against those brothers who betrayed and killed me, love had abandoned your good hearts and I could feel only hate and pain inside you.
Then I resuscitated, I was spotted by a few of my companions in my path and those feelings in their hearts changed, my voice reappeared again, my teachings, the great love that the brothers had felt for me returned and this marked the beginning of the spreading of my teachings.
From that time to today many things have happened, many men have put their own words in place of the words that I had said; many parts were changed because, according to some other men, the changing times required the adaptation of some concepts; many things have been inserted in my dialogues to make my holy words more 'effective' so this is how today instead of talking about the Love that I put toward each one of you brothers, for your good, so that you could ascend to my side, so that you could be admitted into this Home of God our Father, today there is talk of temptation and Satan as if that was the more important part about my passion and even my crucifixion.
I will not hide from you the fact that I was tempted by selfishness because I too was afraid of physical pain and this feeling of selfishness stopped when the Father spoke to me, extending his hand and inviting me to follow him and understanding the great reason for the sacrifice that I was about to make and so I returned to my disciples, I was ready for what was to happen and so was my entire Soul.
You must know that while I was moribund, I saw in front of my eyes a light with inside it the Father who was smiling at me and this helped me greatly in enduring my last moments; I felt as if I was being fed by his immense Love and this awakened in me the same great Love that I had for all of you brothers and sisters.
I want to tell you this to allow you to know that just like a human being I also had feelings of fear, hate, violence, selfishness, but in the end I always chose what I thought would be the best thing for my brothers as well as for myself.
My brothers whenever there is talk of this temptation, always remember that it's only within the dimension of our feelings that we can perceive these conflicts between desires and wishes and each one of us and each one of you has the freedom to choose what is the best thing to do and these choices are within the reach of each one of you brothers and each choice made is only the fruit of what we think is the best thing to do; some follow the path of love and therefore will choose all that leads that way, then there are brothers that choose the path of evil and therefore will do all that they believe will create triumph for hate, violence, selfishness, power, exploitation, but my brothers, these are in themselves choices, options, that the individual human being selects, there are no Satan or devils forcing you to do something against your will, they are always and only feelings and each one must take full responsibility for their own choices because this is the truth; if today on the television you will hear people talk of the devil, be aware brothers that this is only being told to hide the real truth which his that someone chose the path of evil and they do not want to take full responsibility for it.
Just imagine that if those people in the government were to take true responsibility for their actions for your welfare, many things would be very different my dear brothers, but like I just told you, it's important that even your governments just like human beings take full responsibility for their choices and their consequences.
Dear brothers before I say goodbye to you I want to tell you a short story: Once upon a time there was a very selfish man, even though he had lots of money every time a pauper asked for his help, he replied that the devil promised him great riches only if he never helped his brothers for many years and in fact that man became even more rich because he never gave anything.
Years went by, the man became even richer but also older and more tired. One day another pauper approached him to ask for some change and once again the old man went to open his door: he had two long horns on his head and a long tail and his feet had hoofs and as he looked at the speechless pauper, he told him these words 'I discovered that I am the devil because I always replied no and sent away every brother that asked for a little money to survive, I always said that it was the devil speaking to me but I understand that in reality the real devil is me because nobody can force me to do this or that, it's always a choice of mine and if I had really wanted to help, I would have done so, but my selfishness always made me choose not to help, and this is the truth and this is why I now resemble the devil because it was always by my choice.
Then he gave him some bread and he closed the door.
From that moment on his life began to change, he made different choices, he who always had the freedom to choose.
With this brief parable I will part from you, I send you a great, great kiss from my heart, I really really love you and I am happy to have talked to you today, talking to you about my end, about my life, these are important things and it's important that you know them just as it's very important that you reflect on the words that once again today I dictated for you, beloved sisters and beloved brothers.
Your brother Jesus who talked to you also to give you the opportunity to get to know me and to re-learn from my voice which are the just truths and to help you, hand in hand, walk together on the path of Love.
Responsibility Take Full Responsibility For The Choices Message was the Message dictated 10th March 2004
Responsibility Take Full Responsibility For The Choices Message
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