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War Damned War Spain Madrid Discussion Of Jesus About Justice

War Damned War Spain Madrid Discussion Of Jesus About Justice
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to you to talk about this war, damned war, that destroyed an entire country.
Many of you have witnessed what happened in Spain, in Madrid and I am afraid to let you know that because of this war many more people will die still.
You can not correct injustice and violence using injustice and violence.
This small sentence captures the truth on what is happening on your wonderful planet, earth.
When I look at you I see in your good hearts a lot of suffering for those neighbours of yours and those brothers who have died or are suffering as a result of wounds endured in the explosions, I feel all of your shock and all of your love for those brothers and those sisters that today are mourning their loved ones.
The protest that they broadcast on the television, showed you all of those brothers, standing in the rain in Spain, crying and asking for justice for this act of terrorism, but brothers in politics the word justice does not exist, or better, not the word justice that means doing everything that is possible for the welfare of all human beings with no distinction whatsoever between this or that group, for Us this is justice and for this reason I told you that justice is hardly practiced in your planet earth; often you confuse this concept of justice with the concept of violence at the expense of one group or another, a population or often a nation at the expense of another population or nation.
This is not justice, it's only oppression, it's only violence and this only brings to the justification of one's own violence, as a reaction to the violence from others who, right or wrong, feel a threat for their own autonomy, their own freedom, creed or religion, their identity and even their own ability to continue to live and sometimes in the possibility even to survive.
I notice that you experience many difficulties in following me on this discussion but it's important that you realize that always and at all times violence generates violence and this brothers is the fundamental point.
This violence that I see also inside your good hearts when these terrible things happen, albeit understandable, should be removed from your good heart, my beloved brothers and sisters, it would be much better and indisputably much more useful to all of those brothers in your world, if you understood the aspects that promote these manifestations of violence, to identify what serious problems lie at the origin of this great or raging hatred, of this 'justice' that puts bombs against one's own brothers, of this terrorism that punishes indiscriminately those who want war and peace.
This is my contribution for your reflection, because I know that inside your good hearts you know where the truth lies and this truth should push you to mobilize yourselves so that true justice may soon reign on our wonderful planet.
Do not think only of this justice that pertains the world as a group of states and populations, think of true justice even in your relationships with those brothers who are next to you, in the family, your work place, all of the other relationships in which you are involved, always listen to every thing that they communicate to you and very importantly listen carefully to their discomforts and ask yourselves if some of your behaviour lacks respect and perhaps generates violence and aggressive reactions in some sweet Soul that lives around you and if you do notice it, change, and in place of violence my dear ones put love and justice in your behaviour.
I say goodbye with a big, big kiss, thank you for having listened to me and if you agree, I will talk to you again on this aspect of violence and true justice because like I have told you many times, this important transformation of your world stems precisely from each individual good heart, it's from here that your entire planet will be illuminated, and I want to teach you to allow you to be that beacon that illuminates the world with Love.
I kiss you, for today I say goodbye and I bless you, in the name of the Father, in the name of his son Jesus, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace, be my hope for peace, until you will become beacons for peace, may you be the hope for true justice.
Your brother Jesus who today has talked to you to teach you a just a little something more.
A hug to you my brothers, a hug to you my sisters.
War Damned War Spain Madrid Discussion Of Jesus About Justice was the Message dictated 14th March 2004
War Damned War Spain Madrid Discussion Of Jesus About Justice
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