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Justice True Justice Words Of Jesus About Violence And True Justice Message

Justice True Justice Words Of Jesus About Violence And True Justice Message
My dear brothers and my loved sisters, today I want to continue on the subject that I began a few days ago on violence and on true justice.
Many brothers of yours understood that this discussion is important for all brothers who listen to these holy words of mine and for those who will listen to them with their good hearts in the future.
My brothers, let's continue our discussion.
When true justice, and I repeat for Us justice is especially the respect of the welfare of every human being without any distinctions of any kind between individuals, between those belonging to one group instead of another group, without distinction of sex or race or religious creed or even culture and many other conditions that have always marked the difference between you brothers in all places and at all times, when justice as in the true justice triumphs in your good hearts automatically your entire planet can be finally invested by the real justice that coincides with the investment of love from all people towards everybody else.
From this justice then a planet will be born, of human scale, where it will no longer be necessary to fight for one's own rights and where every human being will be pushed with all of his great and immense love that was given him from our Father, to make every other human being that he meets on his path happy.
All of the above already happens in our Paradise, in this home of God our Father, from which we are talking to you once again today, but believe us this can also happen on your marvellous planet if each one of you begins to put true justice in their own behaviour; starting immediately you can put true justice in your behaviour, you just need to put it as the result of the reflection that we are undergoing together with you at this precise moment.
How many times did you get upset over the last few days, apart from the strong emotions that the tragedy that hit our Spanish brothers, think of how many times you were annoyed or very angry over the last few days. Remember the reasons and the feelings that you felt? .......... What justice did you feel in your good hearts? .......... was it justice induced by violence, rage, revenge, disgust, or maybe you tried to understand the explanation for what was happening that was inducing those feelings of aggression? .....
How many times did you ask yourself why it was to you that all these things were happening?
These are some of the questions that it's high time you asked yourselves.
If you look closely inside your emotions you will understand that in all of these situations you felt overwhelmed by the idea of not mattering, of being of no value, of not being appreciated for what you are or for what you are doing and these emotions triggered in you the desire to impose your own importance onto the other person, impose your own value for yourselves and for what you do, you wanted to feel anything other than to feel worthless.
This is the point my brothers and this is the point my sisters.
This is the point.
Whenever violence manifests itself this is the emotion behind it.
I hope you will understand this important teaching because this can change the set up of your behaviour and this can change your wonderful planet.
Starting today, the next time you feel this emotion of being worthless, think again of these words that I am dictating for you: don't feel as if you are worthless because just like you are worth a lot, you are creatures who are busy with a very difficult situation such as your earthly life, you have great value because you are covering a path full of obstacles that will bring you to learn and to experiment that great love that makes you similar to the Father, you have great value because if you chose to remain on the path of Love then today you can listen to these holy words that I am dictating from my great heart to your great heart and you have great value because everyday you have to negotiate many situations sometimes really difficult ones and some other very difficult situations you have already overcome with love and courage.
My brothers and sisters this is the truth and you know it very well yourselves.
I hug you with all of my love for what we have already overcome together and I respect you because I know how difficult sometimes it must have been to want to continue to walk on the path of Love while in some other moments it would have been simpler to let selfishness and personal interest prevail over the love for yourselves and for others.
This is the emotion that even our Father is feeling toward you and he is proud of all of you and even for this reason he loves you from his immense and great heart.
Brothers, always focus on understanding the reasons behind your behaviours, your behaviour toward yourselves, listen and understand the many emotions that you can feel inside your heart and always choose not to react with violence to this feeling of non-value, instead wherever possible try to understand the reasons, right or wrong that they may be, for other people's behaviour, and always try to reach a compromise in the way you react and making sure that you don't lack of respect for your brothers.
Now that you have understood these words I dictated for all of you, I hug you with all of the great love that I have for you, it's a great love, immense, I only desire your happiness, your realization, your happiness within the relationships in your own families, your work place, between all of you brothers, I only wish that you may live in a Paradise like the one I am talking to you from and my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, together we are building it too on your planet, earth.
I bless you in the name of the Father, of my name, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace and learn to put more and more love into your lives.
Your brother Jesus says goodbye to you, thank you for having listened to me and for having reflected all together with me in this wonderful day for Love.
Justice True Justice Words Of Jesus About Violence And True Justice Message was the Message dictated 17th March 2004
Justice True Justice Words Of Jesus About Violence And True Justice Message
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