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Peace Actions For Peace Manifestation For Peace City Of Rome Italy

Peace Actions For Peace Manifestation For Peace City Of Rome Italy
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today we have all gathered to be with all of you to talk about an important aspect that will probably generate discussions but at the same time will be of great interest for those of you who know our point of view and we have gathered to communicate it to you and by my side are the Virgin Mary and our Father.
What I am about to tell you is the voice of all of us so that you all know that what I am about to tell you is our common position.
My dear ones as you will see this introduction is important for all of the things that I am about to share with you, due to their importance it is essential that you know that what I will tell you are the same words, the same emotions, the same conceptions as those of the Virgin Mary and of our Father as well as my holy thought.
Yesterday in Rome there was a manifestation for Peace, for the immediate withdrawal of soldiers from Iraq.
This manifestation was so important that your current government found itself compromised in its position and therefore reacted with the invalidation of the thousands of people that joined the manifestation.
Today they will tell you that a few thousand people were present, but brothers this is not what happened at all, on the contrary that multitude of human beings was an overwhelming river of people that inundated the streets of the city of Rome speaking up and bringing peace.
I was amongst them, I felt their good hearts, I felt the commitment for peace that was solidly planted in their good hearts and I felt happy to be between hearts that like me want peace for all of your planet.
There were many groups present, some of them leverage our holy words and teachings, but there were many groups that do not listen or do not follow religions and do not have any contact with our holy words, and in spite of this inside their good hearts I read all of our teachings, all of our holy words, all of the truths that I am reminding you when I dictate these messages to you.
For this reason my dear brothers and my dear sisters today I want to confirm that these brothers are truly catholic, truly believers, truly brothers in their generous hearts, maybe, maybe even more catholic and believers than many other important political figures that claim both a catholic and a religious tradition.
I know that this is a concept that for many of you is difficult to accept, but if you could see in their good hearts, every doubt would vanish from your minds, if you could see with how much coherence their actions are dictated from their good hearts, dictated from the feeling of true justice, from a feeling of brotherhood, from the sense of respect of the rights of all brothers, from the sense of sameness, feeling of love for all human beings, animals and plants, from the sense of respect of the differences between sexes, races and cultures of populations and between different cultures within the same populations, this my brothers and my sisters is what brings me to confirm that these beloved brothers even though they do not recognize themselves in our holy words are at all effects believers and this my brothers is what's important for all of us, because for us what's important is the choice dictated from the good hearts, what is important is the effort in the name of all brothers in the world, what's important is the coherence with one's own good heart, what's important is the great, great love the pushes to help those weaker, poorer brothers, less fortunate brothers, brothers who are suffering, who are abused, brothers involved in a war, my brothers and sisters this is what really matters and for them, even if they do not validate our holy words, for them it will be a joyful reception when they will return in this Home of God our Father, for them we will light the most luminous of stars, for them the embrace from our Father will be full of paternal Love, for them is the great happiness at having done as much as possible to help as many brothers who have lived on earth.
This 'assembly' my brothers and my adored sisters is what we are having with you from this holy abode, from this Home of God our Father, from this stage choreographed here in the Sky, to give you the opportunity to internalise our statements that are certainly very distant from those that have been taught you, but rest assured that this is our authentic belief, that this is our position and if you will understand our point of view in detail, you will also be in agreement with this perspective from which we observe all that happens in your lives.
People are not measured by what they say or claim people are measured by what they have actually done for all of their other brothers and for their own existence.
With these words today I say goodbye to you, I send you regards from our Father and greetings from my mother Virgin Mary.
With today's discussion I want to invite you to look at every brother or sister of yours through my own eyes.
My brothers and my sisters, I bless you in the name of our Father, in the name of this son of his Jesus, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in my peace, we are building Peace together with all good hearts.
Finally I am sending you a big, big kiss
Your brother Jesus who sees inside your good hearts and this is the measure for every brother and sister in the world, always and everywhere.
Peace Actions For Peace Manifestation For Peace City Of Rome Italy was the Message dictated 21st March 2004
Peace Actions For Peace Manifestation For Peace City Of Rome Italy
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