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Religions Why Do Religions Bring Wars And Not Peace? Questions Reflections Of Jesus Christ

Religions Why Do Religions Bring Wars And Not Peace? Questions Reflections Of Jesus Christ
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today this message will be given to you from the Father as a demonstration of the immense Love that the Father has for all of his children.
My dear sisters and my beloved sons, today I have come to you to talk about such unpleasant things as the war, which also affects you because conflicts take place in places that are not so far away from your Italy.
My dear children, a few days ago my Son dictated a message that was titled 'Sinners for peace', it was going to be very difficult for many of you to accept it easily, but He was wrong because only one letter of protest was received by our friend Sara Luce; my son answered this letter personally, nevertheless He was not believed by this man, he even said that receiving these messages from us, as well as other messages not from us, which are lovingly selected by Sara Luce, creates confusion; therefore we have thought that it would be much better if Sara Luce sent our all of you only our holy messages, in the replies to your letters and signs there will only be what comes from us, in order to avoid any type of confusion.
Sara Luce is being informed of this right now, at the same time as you.
But let's continue with today's message.
This preface is necessary to communicate these words to you: as of today, when necessary, we will communicate to Sara Luce our replies to your letters so you will be able to feel us even closer, even more next to each one of you. This is our great help to you my dear children who are listening to all of these messages.
Are you happy children?
This is the product of my great Love, my immense Love for all of you who are my adored children, I know that every kiss that I give you arrives to your good heart, but I chose to be closer to you because the current times are too dark to give you many of my kisses when you need also my holy words of comfort, of hope, support and help, sometimes even directly.
For this reason we have decided to make this choice, to be even closer to all of you.
Now I want to give the word to my Son so that today once more He can send you a new message to help you grow a bit more.
Goodbye my sweet children
I send you a big kiss and remember my holy promises.
Your Father here in the skies.
The Love of God accompanies you always.
Dear brothers here I am again to talk to you a bit about these wars that stain your planet with blood.
How much pain I see in the hearts of my brothers who live in these territories ravaged by wars; religions that should be bringing messages of peace amongst populations and people, messages of equality of all living creatures, messages of true justice, messages of respect between all people, messages of reciprocal help, messages from God or his Son and the Mother to all of you, expressed through the different religions with different names, even so my dear brothers religions are being used to defend territories or invade other territories, spread fratricidal wars, spread mourning and desperation, my brothers this is an important point to analyse.
Why do religions bring wars and not peace?
Religions represent a congregation point for many people who recognize their own true nature in the Spirit; in reality before we are physical beings we are all spiritual beings, and this is the perfect truth; secondly, religion binds together groups of people who relate to that creed even if they are located in territories that are very far from their places of origin; therefore religion serves also as a cement for people who are far away from each other; additionally religion supplies a series of rules spelling out the various times of the year, of the week and for some even the day and for this reason religion is seen as an organizer of one's own spiritual life on earth; moreover religion contributed to unify people into a well determined group, it's this important aspect that constitutes a very important sense of identity because one's own Spirit is recognized as linked to that of all of the other brothers that also recognize themselves in that faith, in that creed.
This is religion, every religion has these important functions for its' community.
But brothers there is an important thing that religions are not doing which they should be doing and that is talk with one another; how is it possible to feel as if we are brothers in the Spirit without feeling equally brothers in the Spirit with brothers from other religions? This is what I ask myself, we are all brothers in the Spirit even if we belong to different religions, different cultures, different nations, different economies, brothers we are all alike in the Spirit.
This is the truth, we are all brothers in the Spirit.
So why do religions not communicate with one another? Why don't we see all of the other brothers, even though different, just as they are which means brothers in the Spirit?
The question begs some important reflections.
Let's continue.
If I am a brother and I belong to a religious group, why should I be afraid of another brother preaching a different faith than my own? Why should I feel threatened by another brother of mine's creed, don't I already believe in what I believe? Why should I threaten a brother of mine by claiming that, in the name of my creed, other brothers are far away from the truth and by trying to impose my creed by whatever means possible?
The truth my beloved brothers is that nobody thinks that they know the truth, every religion of yours contains both truths and lies dictated by human beings for reasons of cultural and ethical belonging, compromises with power, military reasons, economic reasons and reasons of convenience for this or that person, of this or that historic or political moment.
This created a gradual transformation, over time, of the lessons that were truly imparted to people actually linked to real truths.
And every person that approaches or joins a certain creed recognizes that because inside that person's good heart he knows the truth and therefore he does not recognize many things that religions profess as truth.
This is the reason why everybody, in every part of the world, professes to be believers but inside their good heart they do not believe to everything that they were told precisely because they do not recognize it as truth.
My message today wants to teach you to escape from these doubts by giving full value to what you recognize as truth inside your good hearts; ignore what you do not recognize and act according to what you do recognize as truth inside your good hearts.
And the fact that you are all brothers in the Spirit and that you are all equal, even if you are different is certainly true; the truth is that you were born to grow within Love to help all other brothers of the world to grow within Love.
This is the truth and for today I will conclude my message here to give you time to reflect and to recognize what I have told you inside your good hearts.
Next Sunday I will pick up this subject from where I interrupted it.
I send you a hearty hearty kiss and all of my affection and love and I bless you in the name of the Father, of this son Jesus Christ, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit.
Begin reflecting on these words that I have dictated to you and remember the words that our Father gave you at the beginning of this message.
I say goodbye to you also in his name.
Your brother Jesus Christ who is with you to help you grow within Love.
Just a quick message for all of you
When you want to talk to us, children, all you need to do is write to us as if you were writing a letter. It's not difficult, it's sufficient to write Dear Jesus, or Dear Father, or Dear Mother and we will answer you giving our words to Sara Luce.
Dear Sara, the commitment has gotten bigger, but it's important for all of your loved brothers. Don't worry, as always we will help you to hear our messages clearly. You just have to think that we are next to you for our specific purpose.
A goodbye to all of you
Your Father who is in the Skies.
Religions Why Do Religions Bring Wars And Not Peace? Questions Reflections Of Jesus Christ was the Message dictated on 24th March 2004
Religions Why Do Religions Bring Wars And Not Peace? Questions Reflections Of Jesus Christ
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