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The Story Of The Creation Of Human Mankind The Path To Love - Part I

The Story Of The Creation Of Human Mankind The Path To Love - Part I
My dear brothers and my beloved sisters, today I want to continue on the topic that I dictated last Wednesday, because I want to help you free yourselves from your doubts on some aspects of your religions, of the different credos, because you do not recognize them inside your good hearts and this is why today I will talk to you about the path to Love.
When you were born here, in our Paradise, you were pure love, you felt only the immense Love that the Father gave you inside your good hearts, giving you the possibility to live with infinite Love immersed in his own infinite Love.
So far so good.
A long time passed by and everything proceeded within Love, the Father was happy and every child of his seemed happy. But at one point some of his children began to be a little less happy, they had some needs that no Father could have possibly satisfied, they wanted to live on their own, they wanted to live by themselves and build their own existence by themselves, they wanted to have children just like our Father, they wanted all those privileges that the Father had, by having children of their own, they also wanted to feel as the creators of their children and even if this meant having a lot more responsibility, the feeling of being creators was too important for these children.
Slowly slowly, other brothers began to think the same way as those children of our Father, and this group became bigger and this began to create problems between all children of our Father.
At one point, the situation became unsustainable because the number of brothers that wanted to live by themselves far from our Father began to grow large.
Our Father suffered a great deal, because his children were increasingly unhappy and all this created him great pain, until one day the Father called all of his children and told them:
- Children, my adored children, I decided to do something for you, to see you happy and even if I do not completely agree with it, I decided I will build a place where you can live by yourselves, far enough from my Paradise, but close enough for me to reach you every time you will need me-
With that said, the Father created the worlds, the planets, the universes and set up everything so that his children could have all that they needed; he put plants, waterways, creatures to keep them company and creatures from which to feed, then He gave them a body with which they could move and do things and bring their immense love to every single part of this planet that was going to host them, from all races, all colours of eyes and hair and skin, they were beautiful and then He put in their hearts that little light to allow his children to contact Him whenever they needed Him, after that he said goodbye and cried, but when He saw how happy finally his children were, he said goodbye one last time with a smile and He said:
- The body has an expiry date, take care of it and when your body will cease to live, my children you will return here to me and together we will talk about your existence away from me, we will talk of what you will have had experienced, we will talk of all that you have experienced and together we will take stock of your existence on that planet
Many other children decided that they too would descend on that planet to help their brothers to live this existence but without ever forgetting the Father that gave them life.
This story is what happened ages ago in this Paradise and this is the sense of the entire history that has taken place so far until today, life after life of every brother who chose to descend or to accompany their brothers.
Your different religions explain this concept with very different words, but this is what happened at the beginning of time.
Your religions did not teach you any of what I talked to you about today.
But this is the beginning of your entire terrestrial existence.
Why didn't they tell you this story?
Answering this question is very difficult, partly because many priests from the various religions did not know it themselves, partly because the changes that were brought upon the various religions over time erased these initial truths, partly because if everyone of you knew this truth, many things would be different .... Think about it..... all brothers, born from the same Father, all equal but different, all looking for happiness, all in direct contact with the Father, all bringing peace and love, all different but all united in the love of one single Father, all brothers united by the same experience of research of unity within love, all necessary resources available to all brothers, all brothers good in the bottom of their hearts, all united under the same destiny: return to be pure love just like when they were created.
These are some of the concepts that would change many structures inside your religions if they were recognized and translated in words and in teachings.
Maybe this is what they did not want to happen, not from lack of love, but because of temporal interest on earth.
Brothers today I will conclude my discussion here, we will continue it next time, Sara is a little tired and I don't want to tire her too much, she helps us with love and it's right to respect her.
I send you a big kiss, I hope you liked our true story, the story of the creation of human mankind, the Spirit inside a physical body that must experiment separation and reunion with the Father.
Brothers, this message wants to teach you to take these truths into consideration in your world.
I say goodbye to you and I bless you together with our Father, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go children, go my beloved children, walk on the path of Truth.
The Story Of The Creation Of Human Mankind The Path To Love - Part I was the Message dictated 28th March 2004
The Story Of The Creation Of Human Mankind The Path To Love - Part I
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