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The Story Of Human Mankind From Its Creation All The Way To Modern Times The Path To Love Part II

The Story Of Human Mankind From Its Creation All The Way To Modern Times The Path To Love Part II
My dear brothers and my beloved sisters today I want to continue to dictate our story for you, the story of human mankind from its creation all the way to modern times.
As I have already told you, we were all born from the same Father and, at one point, many of our brothers, driven by the desire to be creators of their own children just like our great Father, descended on the planets that the Father created for his unhappy children to allow them to experience an existence away from Him, away from this Paradise and for them to build their own existence independently.
For this reason soon the Father gave these children the gift of free will, which means the freedom to choose freely the path that they were going to follow to look for new conditions of existence on this planet that was hosting them.
This free will allowed freedom of choice to the spiritual being turned into human being and this choice is the great gift born from the immense Love of our Father, freedom is the great gift given to all so that everyone found his own road, his path, making choices between selfishness and interests dictated by selfishness, the so-called evil way, and the path to Love, the so-called road to goodness, the path to the immense Love toward all of the other brothers and the immense Love toward yourselves.
Brothers this is the great gift that shaped this disastrous world, which is for all of you and Us to see.
But now let's continue our story from where we left it last Sunday.
I was telling you why many religions no longer told you this beautiful story on our true origin as human beings.
I told you that over the course of time many changes were introduced within the various religions.
So why then do religions no longer transmit this story?
I had already anticipated to you that at one point, both the temporal and personal power of some leaders forced your priests to change this teaching that had been dictated to all human beings when they left this Paradise of ours; this teaching and many others were written inside your good hearts and these teachings are still written inside all of your good hearts.
But the power, the so-called path to evil, began to change many of the teachings, just think about the history of creation that you know of, Adam and Eve, they pick an apple, symbol of desire, they get thrown out by an offended Father who is full of revenge against his own children, throws these children out into an inhospitable place, very similar to a Hell, to punish them for their sinful desire: you see brothers how different these stories are from the truth that I told you over the last few days?
Despite this you all know that it's not at all true that a Father with an immense Love could possibly do any harm or think about anything else other than Love for every child of his.
However these stories are part of your cultural tradition and even if your good hearts, if listened to, know the truth, in reality your existences are conditioned by these stories of a bad Father, a selfish one, who throws out his children, who punishes, who creates places, Hells, where he can punish those of his children who desired and even desired to be like Him.
And this was the story that was by far the most damaging of all because when a child sees himself as a sinner purely for having desired something that he deems useful for his existence and because of his the doors of Hell will forever open up in front of him, then my brothers who would be left to enter Paradise?
Right at this moment Sara Luce is remembering a sentence that a girl told her a long time ago, it said - the doors to Paradise have narrow doors and few people can enter - and this message had been taught to this girl from a priest of a religion parallel to Christianity.
Our Sara however knows that in reality there are no doors, if not for decorating purposes, in our Paradise.
Now we are all laughing, aren't we, Sara? But the problem is very serious which is why we continue to talk about it.
Depicting Paradise as a place reserved only for a few brings all human beings to assume that any desire that they have will send them straight to Hell and that there will be no mercy and forgiveness even for the most innocent of desires. And who between us never desired something for himself and for others?
I myself have desired, I desired having friends, affections, even love when I was on your earth, so then?
I was a man and these desires are normal for a human being because to experiment Love you need affections of all types, from the single brother or sister, to groups of brothers or sisters, from inanimate objects to living creatures, from the simplest of experiences to the most complex, why punish research if this is the way to experiment and know Love? As children it is natural to desire to resemble our Father and our Father is not in competition, on the contrary, He would really want for all of us children to be just like He created us, to His image and likeness within the great Love, but we, dear brothers and sisters, once we were already infinite Love similar to our Father within Love and at that time we were happy together, very happy.
So my dear brothers and sisters let's trace back through our paths, let's go back to desiring to be like our Father who sent us here and created us, let's go back to being creatures of pure Love in his image and likeness.
Let go of all of those false notions on hell and Paradise, listen again to the great truths that were written in your good hearts, listen again to your good heart and during your existences do desire all that can reunite you to the infinite Love of your Father, your own infinite Love kept safe and available in your good heart.
For today we say goodbye to you once again, just a few more days and we will be together again to remember the great truths that some people have transformed to convince us that in the end you are all bad and that you only deserve Hell.
And in a way you are already in Hell, but it's a manufactured Hell, little by little, by human beings.
From God and from all of us we send you the help to recreate Paradise even on your planet, earth.
I say goodbye and we bless you together with the Father and the Virgin Mary who is here next to us, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Child, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace, build your existence within freedom and Love. My children feel free to desire to be like Me, I would be the happiest of fathers if I saw you grow within the immense Love in your good hearts and putting your immense Love into everything you do for yourselves, my children, and for all of your brothers.
I kiss you with all of my affection.
Your Father who is in the Skies and who awaits you with open arms, there are no doors or gates, only my arms, the arms of a Father to welcome you when you will return and with Love I will embrace you, you can be sure of that, my adored children.
Your Father who is in the Skies and a kiss from my Child and your Teacher, Jesus.
The Story Of Human Mankind From Its Creation All The Way To Modern Times The Path To Love Part II was the Message dictated 31 March 2004
The Story Of Human Mankind From Its Creation All The Way To Modern Times The Path To Love Part II
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