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The Colours Of Expressions And Feelings The Colours Of The Soul 2

The Colours Of Expressions And Feelings The Colours Of The Soul 2
My dear brothers, today I would like to continue to talk to you about the colours of the little light that our Father gave you at that time when, once you left Paradise, you descended on planet earth.
On the last message I taught you the base colours for possibility, mobilization and change. You understood that these colours, from expressions and feelings, can be a valid help both for yourselves and for your other brothers. The mechanism is the same also for the colours that we will talk about today: it works the same way, just like I taught you.
Today's colours are the colours of the feelings of surrender to our Father; then we will talk about the colours of observation of life and then we will look at the interaction of colours to help yourselves and your other brothers.
Let's proceed.
The first topic was the colours of surrender to the Father, what does it mean to surrender to the Father? Who knows how often in your lives there were moments when you could not do anything, you felt powerless about things that you could not change or transform; these are the moments when you put your entire trust to our Father, you ask for his intervention, his great help and his immense Love. This is surrendering to the Father.
The colours that light up in your little light are:
Green: lights up the contact with the direct help from the Father, this light is brought to him to ask for help when you can no longer manage on your own;
Light blue and green: this colour lights up the contact with the divine Hope, when you can no longer nourish your hope, this is when this colour lights up and it brings you next to the Father, it's to Him that you ask for Hope, it's from his well that you are drawing;
Magenta and gold: this colour brings you next to the Father to ask for all of His help, when you can no longer manage on your own; this colour lights up the contact with the eternal Love of your Father; you are drawing from the eternal Love
White and Magenta; with this colour you light up the contact with the eternal love of your Father, when you are desperate and have no hope left in you and you see no more signs that things could possibly take a different turn than what you are seeing, this is when this colour brings you next to the Father as children who are unable to proceed any further, this colour will bring you next to the Father who will nourish you with his own immense Love and will take care of the situation until you will be able once more to manage on your own.
These are the colours of surrender to the Father, they light up automatically when in need, but you can also light them up in the event of extremely complicated situations and the great help from the Father will come.
Now let's move on to colours of feelings of observation, what is a feeling of observation? You see brothers, in life sometimes there are situations that you can see in another person and the other person is not aware of it, this is observation.
So, these colours are:
Blue and silver: my brothers this colour lights up the contact with far-sightedness, brothers, sometimes it happens that some brother of yours is looking only to the present, while he might need to be looking a little beyond, to the end of the road or of the event or of the commitment. This colour lights up the far-sightedness by giving you and your brothers the possibility to look beyond. This colour is important in situations that bring sadness at that moment in time, but will give great satisfactions in the future;
Blue and violet: this colour lights up hope; it's for when this brother of yours is anxiously awaiting for an event to take place but that is still maturing and the wait is a source of suffering. In this case lighting up this light can help him better tolerate this and all other long waits. This colour is the colour of observation of waiting.
Red and silver: this colour is applied when observing fears; sometimes you and your brothers have fears that are so intense so as not to allow you to live in tranquillity, or maybe it does not allow you to face and overcome some obstacle; this colour is lit up and can be used when, while observing your brother, you notice that it's only fear that is preventing him from moving forward. This colour is used extremely often by us here, in this home of the Father, towards you because it's often your fears that stop you in your tracks;
Red and green: this last colour relates to the observation of those brothers that you often see observing other people but never observing themselves. These colours light up the self-observation and also the responsibility toward all brothers.
These are the colours of observation.
Now my brothers I will teach you how to use them in several combinations.
Sit down comfortably, expand your good heart, think with respect and with love of yourselves or of the brother or sister to whom you wish to send your help by means of the light. Visualize that little flame in front of your eyes, the little light donated to you from our Father.
Think about what you would like to transmit and let your little flame light up with the colours that you have chosen.
When the colours are stable and strong, think about this person with all of your love and from your heart donate this light to them.
This light will arrive at the side of this person and it will be up to this person's Soul whether to welcome it or not, free will is always present, always remember this, nothing can reach inside another being if it is not accepted by his own being.
My brothers, if you ever have any doubts as to what is the best light that you could send to yourselves or to another brother, ask me by writing me a short letter and as usual sending it to our friend Sara.
Brothers with this I will say goodbye again for today, I send you a big, big kiss and I will wait for you for our next meeting, the Easter meeting. I promise that I will talk to you about my sacrifice and of the great joy of being again with you through our messages.
Our shared experience makes me feel like a Teacher again and I assure you it's nice being with all of you who listen to my words and my teachings using your heart before using your head.
I feel alive like I had not been feeling for a long time, even if I had always been next to you all along.
Brothers, I love you so much you can not even imagine how much I can love you, if you could put your hand upon my heart you would feel the strong, strong beat of my heart and every beat is the name of a loved brother or sister of mine.
It's a wonderful experience for me and it's also a wonderful experience for you, I can read it inside your hearts.
I love you very much and we will always be together, you will see, with the help of Sara naturally, but I hope that soon I will also be able to talk to all of you from your splendid and good heart.
I kiss you one more time,
This brother of yours, Jesus, who teaches lessons of Love and teaches only for Love of all of my brothers and sisters of the whole world.
The Colours Of Expressions And Feelings The Colours Of The Soul 2 was the Message dictated 7th April 2004
The Colours Of Expressions And Feelings The Colours Of The Soul 2
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