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Teaching Express Emotions That You Feel Inside Heart Message Of Teaching From Jesus

Teaching Express Emotions That You Feel Inside Heart Message Of Teaching From Jesus
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to dictate to you a very, very important teaching and I would like that while you are reading these words, you focus on your good heart because many things that I am about to tell you are written in your good hearts and if you listen carefully with your good hearts, you will be able to recognize many truths that I am about to dictate to you.
First of all I want to wish all of you a peaceful Easter in my name, to some of you I have also written my wishes individually, but on this occasion I want to send my wishes to all brothers and sisters who are listening to me and who will listen to me in the future.
Brothers and sisters of mine, many of you have watched this new movie called 'The Passion', and were touched by it and in their hearts hoped that things went differently from how they were presented on the movie; my dear brothers and my dear sisters, sadly things went precisely as they were described, this is why my pain is still so vivid, brothers, it's not the physical pain, that ended quickly as soon as I completed my journey on earth, but the real pain I felt inside my good heart when I saw the aggression, the violence, the hatred inside the hearts of those brothers who ravaged my body and also my Soul on the way to the Calvary. This memory is very painful and so difficult to forget.
Today I have come here to talk again with my brothers and my sisters and this experience is so wonderful for my heart that it is slowly healing those wounds that are still open and still bleeding; I am sharing this wonderful experience with all brothers and all sisters of planet earth and this experience is finally source of great joy for me and for all those who listen to my holy words.
So today I decided to tell you a very important teaching because the joy that I feel in my heart for you my beloved brothers and sisters, is so great to make me talk with my heart out right in front of all of you.
If you knew my brothers how much I desired this meeting between Us and you but I waited a long, long time because I wanted to be sure that my holy words would be truly listened to with all of the attention and all of the love with which I myself am sending my words to all of you brothers and sisters.
Right now, if you could see how I am looking at you, you are very luminous like stars and this comes from the same love that you can feel coming from this text and this Love of mine lights you up like stars.
My beloved brothers and sisters today we are finally together, from today and forever, because when Sara will no longer be there because she will have returned to us, I will find another brother or another sisters that will want to continue this great commitment of Love for all of you brothers.
So many emotions I am already transmitting to you, they are emotions that talk of my love and they are emotions that come from my heart and they are the emotions that I am communicating to you, that I am experiencing today with all of you and this to teach you how to express your emotions, the emotions that you feel inside your good hearts, do express your emotions to your loved brothers or sisters, the emotions that you feel inside your good hearts are valuable because they talk about you, of who you are, of what you feel, they talk of your love, they talk of your good heart, they talk about your love for the brothers and sisters that are next to you and also talk to the brothers and sisters of the whole world.
Often I see that you repress the great richness that is in your feelings inside your good hearts, you hardly talk about it, you don't share it with the people whom you love, you can no longer talk with your heart in your sleeve just like I am talking to you today; or even my brothers and sisters you keep your emotions only to yourselves because you are afraid of what could happen if you expressed them, or my brothers you even pretend not to feel any of these emotions of love that you have inside your good heart in certain moments in your life because in life your emotions sometimes promote behaviours that are different from what you actually feel inside your hearts.
My brothers and sisters, why don't you try to express your emotions, starting from today, just like I myself have done with you? All brothers and sisters that will be next to you, you will see, will be illuminated by your great love, just like my own Love is illuminating all of you; Brothers do you see me as less wise today just because I am talking from my own heart? Brothers do you see me as less authoritative if today I speak to you from my heart? Brothers do I seem less harmonious today if I have spoken to you from the heart? Brothers do I seem less of a man, from the human meaning of the word, less manly, always in the human meaning of the word, if today I am speaking to about the affection that I feel inside my heart? Brothers will some of you stop listening to my holy words just because today I decided to share with you the emotions that I feel with you? Brothers, why should I pretend not to have spoken to you from the heart out in the open, talking now as if this had never happened, how would you feel if all of a sudden I started talking about something else or if I doubted that you felt a beautiful sensation that was born inside my heart?
This my brothers is what I often see in the expression on your emotions of love toward the people that you yourselves claim to be loving, your life companions, your creatures, your relatives, friends, this is what I see, I see that you do not share these nice emotions that come from inside your good hearts.
My brothers do try to talk about it more, talk about your nice feelings, talk about all of this great and important love that you feel inside your hearts and you will see that the whole world will begin to shine from this light of love and you will see that in turn your brothers and your sisters will also begin to talk about their own emotions of love and they in turn will make you shine like stars.
I am about to conclude this message, I have one very important moment left to talk with you.
My dear brothers in this holy day dedicated to my resurrection I would like to tell you that what I did for all of you, to allow you to enter this Home of God our Father, my brothers I would do it all over again even right now, because the immense Love that I feel for all of the brothers and sisters of these worlds is so great as to push me to relive, despite my memory, my entire sacrifice and this my brothers I would do for you again, for the immense Love that I harbour inside my heart for each one of you, every beat of my heart has one of your names and you are all here and even those who do not believe in me or the Father, but those are moments in the course of an existence and it is always possible to change things in that existence or in the next one.
The tenderness that I feel at this moment for each one of the brothers that are reading my words, is so great my brothers that just like Sara I have tears in my eyes. I love you with all of myself, I love you with all of my great heart, I love you, I have always loved you and I will always love you my brothers and my sisters.
Thank you once again for having listened to me and thank you again in the name of all of your brothers if you too will begin to talk from your heart about the emotions of love that stir inside yourselves.
I say goodbye to you and I bless you on this marvellous Easter day, I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, continue to walk on the path of Peace and Love.
Your brother Jesus who is always by your side with infinite Love
Teaching Express Emotions That You Feel Inside Heart Message Of Teaching From Jesus was the Message dictated 11th April 2004
Teaching Express Emotions That You Feel Inside Heart Message Of Teaching From Jesus
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