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Christic Simplicity To Talk Simply To Talk From Heart The Language Understood By Heart

Christic Simplicity To Talk Simply To Talk From Heart The Language Understood By Heart
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today I have come amongst you again to talk about a very important Truth.
Over the last few days with Sara we have replied to many letters and I assure you that the joy that I feel when writing to you is immense, you can imagine what it means to be able to talk to you directly, listening to you and replying with words and with my great Love? Just think about what it would mean for you to receive a letter from the person that you love the most and listening to it while reading it and then replying to it with this great love for this person in your heart; this is how I feel every day with your letters, every day my help reaches you and more importantly I surround you with all of my great Love. It's a beautiful experience and I thank you because you are the ones that are writing and you give me the opportunity to talk from my heart and to your good heart.
Last night we received a letter from a friend of mine called Valeria; the content is too interesting to limit the answer only to her, so I decided to talk to you today on the subjects that Valeria raised.
This friend of mine observed that the words dictated on these messages like in other messages dictated from me to other people who are in touch with me, are very simple, with a Christic simplicity, as she called it, and it's about this simplicity that I want to talk to all of you about.
Of course my dear ones I could use big words and elaborated language to talk to you, I could use metaphors, syllogisms, images and explanations far more complex than what you could understand, but what would be the point? How can I make you understand the Truth if you can not understand my own language? How is it possible to talk about Love and its own simple language by using big words?
I don't think that you would listen with your good heart, but instead your mind would be busy trying to decipher the complex and enigmatic language.
This my brothers and my sisters is the reason why I chose to talk simply, to talk from my heart with a language that can be understood by your good heart.
Maybe someone would have chosen a different way from the one I chose, but it's important to feel the depth of what I talk to you about in every message inside your good hearts.
If you read these and other messages quickly, if you stay on the surface, even my words will seem superficial to you, but if every one of you reads word by word and listens to every single word and reads slowly slowly, listening inside their good hearts to the messages that are reaching them, then the messages that I have dictated and those that I will dictate will be deep, will be expressed with simple words but their content will be very profound.
I am about to conclude this message, but first of all I want to tell you a very important little story precisely about simplicity:
Once upon a time there was a very knowledgeable man, he knew all of the most complex words, he knew many meanings of truly difficult words.
One day he met a child and he started talking to the child but his words were so elaborate that the poor child did not understand him at all.
This man stood there looking at the child as he was leaving and he thought about one single word that the child would have certainly understood, and this word is LOVE.
From that moment on, every time that man met someone, he would greet them with 'Hello Love' and he would happily continue with his simple conversation because this is the language of Love.
Do you also want to learn how to be like this man?
I will leave you with this question but I am only leaving you with my voice, because I am always at your side, I am always next to each one of you, to be in this dimension, which does not know limits set by physical bodies, allows me to truly be next to you and it allows me to feel your very many thoughts and more importantly it allows me to feel all of the emotions that you feel inside your good hearts.
I kiss you very strongly, I hug you very strongly, I love you very very very very much but I had already told you this although it's always good to repeat myself because the words of Love nourish you and our good hearts.
This brother of yours Jesus who loves you so much, and even if sometimes I am playful I am always serious when I support you, my beloved brothers and sisters who need my help.
When our Father hears me laughing he always looks at me with a smile, he donated joy to us and to feel the joy inside our Soul is pleasant also for Him, for this reason he smiles at me and to the brothers that feel this emotions.
I say goodbye for real this time, I accompany you along your journeys, I console you, I support you through difficulties and I rejoice with you with every wonderful experience that will bring serenity into your good hearts.
One last kiss to all of you
This brother of yours Jesus
Christic Simplicity To Talk Simply To Talk From Heart The Language Understood By Heart was the Message dictated 14th April 2004
Christic Simplicity To Talk Simply To Talk From Heart The Language Understood By Heart
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