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Transformation Of Your World Into A Better World Love And Realization

Transformation Of Your World Into A Better World Love And Realization
My dear sisters and my dear brothers today I have returned to talk to you about the great Love that guides your steps, every single action of yours, every thought of yours, every behaviour and this great Love will always bring all of your Love to your other brothers and will bring about this transformation of your world into a better world and the great Love itself will allow this realization.
This is an important concept to always keep note of in your daily lives.
First of all it's the Love inside your good heart that must guide you in your behaviours as well as your thoughts.
If you listen to your good heart and you let the Love inside it express itself, your entire existence will be guided on the path of Love and when you least expect it, you will see your complete change, inside you, in the people around you, and the change of people close to you and in the whole society.
When you express the Love that you have inside your good heart it's as if you were guided by Love itself and every step that you will take will be a step of Love itself.
I know that it is not so easy to simply understand these concepts, but this is what happens when you mobilize your Great Love: you become part of Love itself and you walk as a part of Love.
I want to clarify this concept by telling you a little story so it will be easier to understand:
One day there was a man that had many children; each one of his children had many faults but also many good traits; this man, even though he knew the traits of each one of his children, decided to love every one of his children with the same great Love, that one that he felt inside his good heart for his children, all different but all equal.
As a result, every one of his children grew up peacefully, every child found his own path towards realization, every one found someone to accompany him or her during their lives, every one of them, though different from one another, felt equal to the others, he felt that he had received the same great Love from their father and inside his good heart, every one felt a lot of great Love to donate to others, his children or friends but also Love for all of those strangers that populated their own world.
These children, just like their father, loved their own children in return with same Love, the Love that does not differentiate, the Love that makes everyone feel equal and not different, the Love that makes everybody grow instead of just those who depend directly from us, and who lets them grow within the utmost freedom thanks to the Love from the other person.
My brothers and my sisters this is possible if all of you, starting from the Love inside your good heart, will connect and let yourselves be guided by the absolute Love that has always been surrounding you, the same absolute Love that today allows you to listen to our words that are themselves dictated in harmony with the absolute Love.
When you connect with the Love inside your good hearts, you are automatically connected with the absolute Love and you are therefore connected directly with our Father.
The absolute Love is the Love of our Father, it's the primary source for all of our and your Love, Love is Himself as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it's this that defines the Trinity but the Trinity is nothing but immense Love in its manifestation.
For today I say goodbye brothers, you will have to read again carefully all of the words that we have dictated today because they are fundamental for all of you.
A very big kiss to all of you, my brothers you are all equal but different, loved from the same great Love inside my good heart, loved from the same Love so that you can all feel loved and you can love in return all of the other brothers and sisters in the world with the same great Love inside your good hearts.
I kiss you one more time, I kiss you one by one and I bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of his Son, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in Peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who Loves you of this immense Love and who Loves you from the bottom of his good heart.
Transformation Of Your World Into A Better World Love And Realization was the Message dictated 18th April 2004
Transformation Of Your World Into A Better World Love And Realization
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