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Conscience The Conscience Knows The Truth Conscience And Compromise

Conscience The Conscience Knows The Truth Conscience And Compromise
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to talk to you on how your conscience knows the Truth and maybe the problem is mostly related to how polluted the way you listen to your conscience is by your strong belief that the road to apply your Truths is very difficult and perhaps also because you think that you are the only person who wants this change in your lives.
Over the last few days I observed many of you, I took into consideration thoughts and emotions that would want the change, but I also observed that often you choose an in-between way between your beliefs and the pressure to which you are exposed from other brothers, from the dominant culture and from dominant opinions.
My dear brothers, how can you reach the Truth if you accept every compromise, even the smallest, instead of taking and affirming what your conscience is suggesting to you?
My brothers this is today's main problem as to why many of your choices do not take you to a real change in your life conditions.
Your belief that it is difficult to achieve change on this problem is also the consequence of these constant compromises that you make, I invite you to reflect, think of the last time that you wanted to affirm your belief and observe how it progressed, what compromise did you reach with your conscience?
This is the point, think again of why you arrived to this compromise and you will understand what I told you so far.
Dominant opinions exist because the society as a whole has reached common compromises, but opinions by their very nature change with time, they always have, and they always will change until the collective opinion will not reflect the content of your Truths, in other words until the contents of your conscience will be stated.
All of you are so inclined it since the beginning of time.
Every compromise you make, however small, distances you from this common objective and I will let you reflect on what I have just told you.
A consequence of this and a reflection point is: if the entire humanity aims at reaching this application of the Truths inside your conscience, how can you come to think that you are the only person desiring this change?
So, these reflections are very, very important because from today on, when you will experience a conflict between your beliefs dictated by your conscience and the dominant opinions, you will know that if you don't make any compromises, you will affirm your Truths and in the meantime you will help the entire humanity of which you are all part arrive to the just and true opinions to which all of you are inclined.
Sometimes however they are not small compromises, when they talk about the development of programs that involve entire groups of brothers, for example I am talking about Peace, I am talking about financial choices, productive choices, choices of national and international politics. These are the occasions in which your contribution, however small, and in the minority, affect concretely the collective choices and the organizational policies that officially define the lines of thoughts to be followed.
Do not think that your contribution is minimum because in reality, however small, it makes itself heard and where there is one voice that speaks it means that there is not complete agreement but a defined position and this, my brothers and sisters, always conditions all new choices and those who listen to this small voice can in turn join the same voice and these new voices together with others will create even more of a change in the required direction.
As an example we can talk about the agreements about the new Iraqi government; do you think that all of this would have happened without the mobilization of many Souls i.e. people, who made themselves heard when demanding the end of the USA-led war to this land so rich of history, culture, but poor in terms of personal wealth of each citizen?
Without these voices, today everything would have been different, your beloved Country would have declared to be officially at war and this conflict would have reached a huge scale, which everybody would have been terrified of; but this did not happen because many voices raised to the cause and demanded 'No to the war'.
This is an example that must clarify to all of you why in this important example many people did not accept any compromises with their conscience and they managed to change substantially the dominant opinions as well as the political influences of their own Country and those Countries next to them.
May this message be as a lesson for you from today on; remember that each single step from you is also a step for all other brothers and sisters in the entire Humanity and do draw strength from this sacred thought to always pursue what your conscience tells your from the high of the Truth that it contains.
I hug you my dear brothers and my dear sisters, I hug you with all of the Love that I have in the heart for you and I do hope that you will begin, all together, to follow this teaching of mine today.
I leave you to reflect on the above and on the change that you will choose to make in your important lives starting from today.
One last kiss my brothers and my loved sisters.
Your brother and Teacher Jesus Christ.
Conscience The Conscience Knows The Truth Conscience And Compromise was the Message dictated 13th June 2004
Conscience The Conscience Knows The Truth Conscience And Compromise
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