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Physical Love Outside Of Marriage The Thought Of Love Messages

Physical Love Outside Of Marriage The Thought Of Love Messages From God The Father


My dear children over the last few days a dear child called Katia asked me another question on physical Love.


Her question asked what my thought is on physical Love outside of marriage between all brothers.


So today, because Sara Luce pointed out that this subject could be of interest to all of you, I decided to dictate to you the sacred thought of Love on this subject.


You see my children, I am a little worried about what I am about to say because parts of it may shake you a little, but what I am about to say is the thought of Love and it's a thought of absolute Truth. As you will read my words, reflect carefully because you must understand that these words have a meaning within the concept of Love that you will get to know in its various aspects starting from today; also for this reason starting from today each time you will read the messages that we dictate from the Sky, always remember that it's Love that is speaking to you. With these recommendations, I am about to start today's discussion.


My loved children, once you came to earth, this physical Love assumed a very different meaning from that of procreation for which I had designed it, but observing your behaviour I realized that this physical Love, really could be helpful to give you this feeling, Love, so important for your research and for your evolution.


For this reason my loved sons and my loved daughters, I changed my opinion and today I am in agreement with this exchange of Love through physical Love.


However with time I also noticed that many children attributed a different meaning to this encounter of Love from the original exchange of Love between two partners and on this I am not in agreement.


Of course making good Love increases the flow of Love itself, but I see that many of you no longer think of it as an exchange of Love between partners but only as physical Love per se.


Many times I notice children who put sexual agreement in the first place instead of Love, there are medical solutions to allow everybody to enjoy their own sexuality, but without Love where is the meaning in this entwining of bodies?


This is my thought, my children you must always put Love first in your lives and this physical act will take on a sacred meaning for your Love.


With this I explained my point of view, the point of view of the Love that I represented, now let's move on and answer our friend Katia and all of you.


From what I just mentioned to you, you should already have an idea of what I will say on physical Love inside and outside marriage.


I am sorry to tell you my children that for Us it is not important that this physical love be experienced inside the marriage. I see couples that live together or that simply love each other exchanging Love with each other through physical Love and this is perfect for Us; I see many married couples, united by the sacrament, not exchanging Love through physical Love and this has no meaning for us because Love and exchanging that Love is what matters; I see many couples cheating on their partners in search of sexual pleasure and for us this has no meaning; I see small children having experiences of physical Love without understanding that Love is what is truly exchanged and also for this reason this has no meaning for US and I could talk to you for hours on physical Love with no meaning for Us but instead I prefer to talk to you of the physical Love that does have a meaning for Us.


When a body meets the other body and the feeling of Love is the main driver for this meeting, if you could see yourselves, your Souls join at the same time in this encounter; if you could see yourselves through my eyes, your Souls light up with strong and vibrant colours and they merge in a show of light and colours; this show is wonderful and your Souls feed from your colours and our light, it's spectacular, if you could see yourselves, it's wonderful, this is what happens during your encounter of physical Love when you exchange Love.


Right now some children are remembering a time when they made physical Love exchanging Love and their eyes and their hearts remember those emotions and all of those special feelings that they felt not only in their physical body but also in the Soul itself, in the heart, do you remember how much Love you felt for each other after having made physical Love and sharing Love?


So, all this is not vanished, you can feel all of this again by putting Love in the first place again during physical contact. Do not use this sacred contact only to release an instinct or to try new positions or to ensure some relax after a long day of work effort, make physical Love only when it's truly Love that you want to exchange and these feelings and all of those emotions will be ready to experiment again by your Souls and your hearts.


The habit that brings so many couples to suffer only hinges on this aspect: you have taken the exchange of Love away from physical Love.


It seems to me that this subject is sufficiently covered, it has been a great pleasure talking about it with all of you my children. If you have any questions I am always available to listen to you and to answer to you because these topics are all very important and there are no topics that are more important than others, every question from you is important.


Now I say goodbye, re-learn to put Love into physical Love and you will see how different your existence will be.


I bless you in the name of my sacred name, in the name of my son Jesus Christ, I bless you in the name of the Virgin Mary and in the name of the Holy Spirit.




Go with my Spirit


Your Father from the height of the Skies


Physical Love Outside Of Marriage The Thought Of Love Messages From God The Father was the Message dictated 11th June 2004




Physical Love Outside Of Marriage The Thought Of Love Messages From God The Father


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