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Faith On The Subject Of Faith Unlimited Love And Faith Messages To Humanity

Faith On The Subject Of Faith Unlimited Love And Faith Messages To Humanity
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, continuing on with our subject of pollution of the conscience, today we want to talk to you about Faith.
Today is best opportunity to talk about this subject because we have just transmitted a sentence to our Sara Luce on a problem that happened over the last few days and the sentence transmitted says 'You have little Faith'; for this reason my dear ones today we will focus on the subject of your Faith.
First of all, look inside your hearts and ask yourselves 'But do I really have Faith?'
Reflect a moment before reading on my sacred words.
Brothers and sisters, remain tuned into your hearts because what I am about to say should be assimilated by your own hearts.
Brothers our great Love is unlimited, think about this concept of unlimited, our Love is just like that, it's unlimited; this is the point that should be absorbed by your heart.
And what does unlimited mean? It simply means that our Love is so great not to have any borders, and limits, limitations, obstacles, barriers; this is unlimited Love, our Love for all and for everything, the unlimited Love that follows you, that accompanies you, that rescues you, that compliments you, that rejoices for everybody and everything.
We know perfectly that this concept of Love has no comparisons with the experiences of Love that you can experiment today on earth and we know very well that it is difficult to even imagine our great unlimited Love, but this is exactly what We feel for everyone and everything.
Many proofs of it come your way, many proofs reach you, but it's always difficult for all of you to understand our unlimited Love, that unlimited Love that reigns in this Home of God our Father, the unlimited Love by definition.
However my brothers and sisters this is the immense Love that we feel for everybody and everything and it's this unlimited Love that makes us always stay and help every single creature that asks for our help and there are many, many, many of them all the times and We always come to your rescue to help you; this is our Love, are you able to imagine it?
Brothers and sisters, it's much, much more than that, it's almost unimaginable for your minds but it's imaginable for your heart which listens to every advice from us, it welcomes our help, welcomes every gift from us, because your great heart recognizes the endlessness of our Love.
The second important point is that the Faith in our immense Love is built first of all through experience, by observing the tracks of your existences, even in the darkest moments, the most difficult ones, you are never alone, during your every experience, even the most difficult ones, you are never abandoned to yourselves, We always put next to you people who can share your suffering with you, who can console you, who represent the physical presence that We, creatures of pure Spirit, can not send you with the body and these brothers or sisters, they represent Us your side talking, sometimes incessantly, to your great heart and even if you do not hear our words, your heart listens and with time it manages to communicate our sacred thoughts even to your minds.
My brothers and sisters this is also our unlimited Love, putting you in touch with your brothers who ensure a physical presence next to you, always, unless you deny them yourselves, but this hardly ever happens, but even in this case, you always have Us next to you, constantly helping you out and surrounding you with all of our unlimited Love.
The third point is important specifically for what you are experiencing now; you are listening to our words directed to all of you children, brothers and children of the Virgin Mary. This, even this is fruit of our immense Love; my brothers and sisters you are not the only ones who are receiving these messages, We are dictating to your brothers of the entire earth; the messages are different because those people listening are different, but if you read them all, you can even do a research on this, you will notice that they are all the same in the core because the Truths which We transmit to you are the same in every part of the world and these truths are shared and listened to or read.
This is another help to your Faith, recognizing the unlimited Love that created you, that takes care of you and that illuminates your own wonderful heart.
Don't think that it is not difficult to find people who can receive and then transmit our words, Sara Luce knows how difficult it is to believe in Us, in our unlimited Love, she knows how many anxieties and imbalances are experienced because your Faith in our immense Love is not very strong, but every experience, every contact increases this Faith and helps distinguish between unlimited Love and experimented Love, researched, lived, between human beings on your earth. You are still students of Love, you are there precisely to learn and learn you will but do look at Us as the final result of this experimentation, of these journeys of life, and the Love that you feel for everybody and for everything, only in part today and tomorrow, like Us, you will feel it for everybody and for everything without distinction, obstacle, separation; it's exactly because of this great and immense Love that you too will live together with Us and then we will all be once again immense Love and we will once again be together forever.
My dear and loved brothers and sisters I have to say goodbye to you also for today, I hope I helped you understand our unlimited Love and I hope to have helped you reflect on this feeling of Faith; do use my holy words to feed your feeling of Faith and your feeling as if we are always next to each one of you because this is the Truth uttered from our unlimited Love for everybody and for everything that you can see around you.
I say goodbye with lots, lots of Love and I hug you with all of the tenderness that I feel is invading my heart right now, the reason? Because I love you infinitely
Your brother Jesus Christ for all of you.
Faith On The Subject Of Faith Unlimited Love And Faith Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 9th June 2004
Faith On The Subject Of Faith Unlimited Love And Faith Messages To Humanity
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