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Sex And Love Problems Related To Sex Message From God The Father

Sex And Love Problems Related To Sex Message From God The Father
My dear children, today I have come to talk to you of the love of your bodies, or to use one of your expressions, we will talk of sex.
This message is not in reply to one of your letters, but from a request from our Sara Luce who sees a lot of suffering around her, many feelings of guilt, many problems tied specifically to your body and to the physical love that it sends us.
What I am about to tell you is truly our sacred thought and I beg you to accept it because for Us this is the Truth.
When I created you I did not know that all of these problems related to sex would arise; what I wanted to create were bodies that during the act of the procreation of a child, could transmit a lot a lot of Love to each other. This was my thinking on Love and procreation of a child, just like I had created you with all of my great Love, so you would have created your offspring with just as much Love.
Since you came on earth, this way of transmitting Love has become a wonderful way to be together because Love is the feeling that you transmit to one another through sexuality. Of course, some children use sexuality for pure physical pleasure or to experiment this dimension of the body, but this does not send Love, it's an egocentric use of one's own body. But many of my other children, by exchanging attentions to each other through the physical body and the sensations that stem from it, they actually really exchange Love and where there is Love, as far as We are concerned, there is no sin, on the opposite, there is the most noble feeling that you could experiment.
Over time many of you discovered contraceptive methods to avoid conceiving a child, but this contraception serves the specific purpose of understanding that every child is important and must be loved right from its conception and helped along the journey and must be helped to realize his own project and to allow this child to do so in best possible way it is necessary that this child is wanted, desired, loved with all of one's self because you know how much time and how much energy and how many difficulties arise when raising every child.
My dear children, in these modern times, it's even more difficult nurturing, raising every single child of yours but this depends on the financial possibility and even if you did not any financial problems there are many doubts on the future of the world that would welcome the child. And so what needs to be done? Should you stop making Love just because you don't want to conceive a child?
When I look at physical love, the one expressed by your bodies, I only see the Love that you exchange through your physical body and what my eyes see is not only the Love of the physical body because when you exchange Love through the physical body, even your entire Soul participates in this sharing, in this exchange of Love and for Us this is really not important if you only do it to exchange Love or if you do it to procreate because even exchanging physical love is first of all, Love; the exchange of physical Love is only another way of giving Love to one another and experimenting Love.
Therefore my children, I am not against contraception, I am against the selfish use of your own body and of the other person's body, but where there is Love, I repeat, for me it is all right, all is sacred because Love is actually the most sacred, the most elevated and noble feeling that you could experiment.
My dear children I say goodbye to you with these words today, if you need additional words from me on this subject, I will be happy to talk some more. Your Father only your happiness has in his great heart and if this happiness can also be reached by listening to these words of mine, then I will be the happiest of Fathers because I will have helped you as a Father helps his own children and your happiness will be my own happiness.
I love you lots, lots, lots, lots and now I say goodbye and I return to tend to my children who are asking for my help.
Your Father who is in the height of the Skies
Sex And Love Problems Related To Sex Message From God The Father was the Message dictated 8th June 2004
Sex And Love Problems Related To Sex Message From God The Father
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