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Pollution Of The Conscious The Mass Media And Orientation Of Conscious

Pollution Of The Conscious The Mass Media And Orientation Of Conscious
My dear friends, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to talk to you again about pollution of the conscious.
Today let's talk about an aspect that is quite important for all of you who live on your loved earth.
I will talk of the mass media.
Every time you listen to the news or read a newspaper or listen to the radio news, you must know that much of the information has been modified if not deliberately distorted in order to send you concepts or fears that play into the power, your government, to build dominant opinions and distort your vision of reality in which you belong; this orientation of your conscious and your personal ideas and concepts can be manipulated in one way or the other from the power of those in the government.
I realize that this is a political topic, but it's important that you re-learn to reflect on what is transmitted to you from your information mass media, don't ever receive this information passively, always reason with your own brain, always listen with your good heart and listen carefully to what is truth in what is sent to you, and what is makeshift.
For example I want to talk to you about the manifestation on Peace that took place yesterday in Rome.
They sent you a few images of this enormous manifestation. I was there, right next to our friend Sara Luce and I saw everything, I heard everything and it was wonderful seeing so very many people parading with slogans and peace rainbow flags. A multitude of hearts desirous for Peace, Peace on earth, this was my message and this is what I saw in the hearts of all of those people who paraded for hours on end.
I also saw the 'bad ones', those whom you call the disobedient, the hooded ones, it is true that inside their hearts they had true feelings of anger, but this is the result of never being listened to, both in their families and in the world in which their live, but this was not the only feeling that was inside their hearts, I know that it is difficult to correlate Love with violence, but when the political power does not listen to these provocations as manifestations of the many problems in the entire world, then the sense of justice, the sense of being all brothers, the sense of how things should be for the goodness of all brothers and other important motivations, then the feelings of Love can turn into anger, aggression, violence, like in all of those incidents that unfortunately happened even during this big manifestation.
But let's go back to the original problem, to the eyes of all brothers who listened to these reports, these provocations that scared so much even our Sara Luce that they became the only if not the entire bulk of the news, as if the entire manifestation was only an enormous conflict scene between these young men and the police and all of the security forces that were lined up threateningly along the entire path of the parade and over the entire city.
At the manifestation it was hard to even talk or scream your own thoughts because the air was heavy with the tension created by the mere presence all of these security forces.
Nevertheless hundreds and hundreds of people had the value of Peace inside their hearts and this is what is important, this is what they should have communicated to you instead of limiting the news to the incidents from the few protesters.
This is an example of how your information mass media lead you through these reports or through the images that they handpick to communicate to you the facts and things that happen in your world and in the worlds far away from you.
As you can see these are some ways with which your conscious is manipulated and steered, not all of you can possibly be present in the entire world to see for yourself what really happens from what did not really happen if not in minimal part.
To always find your way, try to always reflect if the meaning of what you are being told is useful for many or for few; this could be a criteria to evaluate if this information could be a tool to steer your thoughts; another criteria could be to ask yourselves what could be the 'alternative' truth and to think if this could be the truth that your mass media want to hide; another way could be to obtain information from those involved with that specific problem and to hear from the truth about their experience; another possible way is just that, when possible, to go directly to find out in person about these problems that affect your world.
This my loved brothers and my loved sisters is what you can do to find out the truth and with this truth you can orient your own knowledge of the world in which you live and experiment. Escape passiveness, try to always find the truth and you will see that even your journalists will be forced to tell you exactly what happens in your world instead of telling you things that only show you what the others want you to see and know.
With these words I will conclude for today, I am not a political man, I am only for truth because where there is always truth people, all living creatures, can decide based on their own conscious where to be, what to do, how to change for the Good of every brother and sister in the world.
I say goodbye to you and I kiss you with all of my Love, your brother Jesus who parts from you, but make sure that these words will remain always in your hearts and will direct your knowledge to the research for truth.
Pollution Of The Conscious The Mass Media And Orientation Of Conscious was the Message dictated 5th June 2004
Pollution Of The Conscious The Mass Media And Orientation Of Conscious
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