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Pollution Of The Conscience War Against Terrorism Fundament For Terrorism Itself

Pollution Of The Conscience War Against Terrorism Fundament For Terrorism Itself
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, how many times more will I repeat to you to always put Love in the first place in your precious life. This is the fundamental thing to do to end the injustices that I constantly see in your world.
Last week I spoke to you about pollution of the conscience, today I would like to continue this topic and I wanted to highlight an aspect which is under the scrutiny of all of you and Us.
I therefore choose to talk to you about these bloody wars that are being fought on your planet earth.
Until you will be certain that these wars will be necessary to defeat terrorism and you will be sure that this is the only way to do it, the only way to face all of these problems, even linked to your needs as industrialized nations, these wars will never end. How can you conceive that terrorism can be wiped out by eliminating some terrorist leader? Until those tensions that are bringing those groups of brothers to feel attacked are not resolved, those tensions that turns them into human prey, to be colonized, to be bent under the control of a flag that is not their own, then my dear brothers and sisters there will always be new terrorist leaders, there will always be people ready to sacrifice their own lives for an ideal of a homemade justice for a population that is being targeted for submission. I regret having to repeat myself over and over, but until your conscience will not claim all together that justice, the real justice, is not built with weapons but with Love, then your great planet will always be ravaged by wars, by massacres, but mass extermination.
My dear and loved brothers and my loved sisters, this is the important question to face: to put Love as the solution for every conflict.
Let's take this bloody conflict in Iraq as an example.
Do you really think that the United States and all of it's allies are bringing the peace and that all of those bloody incidents which are witnessed by everybody will bring peace? Do you really believe that your government is also bringing peace? This is what your mass information media tell you because they know that if they talked explicitly of the war your conscience would rebel, but it's also in everybody's plain view that this is only a war to seize control of the oil, of the power of a state within Arab land, of the political restructuring of this continent and of the exploitation of new deposits of precious minerals for your western countries and for America.
It does not matter how many people, men, women and children already died or will die soon, because this political project of expansion beyond the border of the Mediterranean sea is the only objective today.
Can Peace ever be the purpose for these objectives?
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, open your eyes and open your ears and ask yourselves with your heart if this is a war against terrorism, against extremist violence or if maybe it is the fundament for terrorism itself, of violence itself.
Listen to your conscience that knows exactly what is Peace and what is war and then take your thoughts, your reflections to the many brothers who haven't yet noticed this reality.
Today is the second of June, your Republic day, the soldiers of every type and rank today are parading their weapons to show Italy their 'strength', their 'security', in a nutshell, their violence; instead, do parade today in the streets bringing our holy name, the true justice, the true non-violence born from our teaching on Love, on Peace, on Justice, on Respect, on awareness that we are all brothers united, that we are all equal, we are all worthy of the profound respect that every human being should have for their own brother or sister in the whole world. Parade in the streets today, bring your word 'Peace in the whole world', parade without arms because your security, the true security is born from Love and from the Respect for all beings in this world; parade bringing your feeling of togetherness between all brothers, parade bringing Peace and not violence in your eyes, in your hearts, in your behaviour, in your gestures because this is the only way to truly put the word Peace in your world.
Brothers, with these words I say goodbye, I will always be next to you in your every initiative, manifestation, or action that will talk of this true Peace that we are building on your planet before war will destroy without building, kill without creating, offend and oppress without giving freedom, take everything it needs without giving anything.
The message has ended also for today, but don't let the words that I dictated to you from my great heart fade away.
Your brother Jesus who is always next to you to help you, to sustain you, to teach you to always put Love in the first place in your existence and in every circumstance.
I send you a big, big kiss, do talk about Peace, bring our Peace.
Pollution Of The Conscience War Against Terrorism Fundament For Terrorism Itself was the Message dictated 02nd June 2004
Pollution Of The Conscience War Against Terrorism Fundament For Terrorism Itself
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