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Making mistakes Concept Mistake Experimenting Oneself Differences of Evolution

Making mistakes Concept Mistake Experimenting Oneself Differences of Evolution
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I want to continue to help you understand your brothers who, according to you, are making mistakes toward you and toward other brothers in the world.
This ‘Making mistakes’ is a concept that you have created yourselves, for Us there is no mistakes when a brother is experimenting Love; sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes people are wrong, sometimes people are bad, sometimes people are even cruel, but all of this experimenting and experimenting yourselves is necessary to understand and to choose in a subsequent moment the path of Love and this is what We are all interested in: the choice of the path of Love, because only when this choice is inside the heart there are no longer mistakes, there are no longer mean gestures and injustices and each one of you will arrive together with the others to understand that the one and only road that takes you to happiness is the road to Love and many of your brothers are walking down this path that will lead them to decide precisely from inside their heart to follow this wonderful road of Love.
In any case, in the meantime, for those who have already understood this path toward Love, it’s not always easy to react calmly, with reflection, making the best choice so as not to use anger and aggression in your behaviour, and once again today I want to help you make a small step forward in this direction.
We will talk of the Love in a couple that creates so many problems, especially when the evolution of these two brothers is not on the same level of evolution.
If you knew how many times I happen to observe these conflicts born from the different level of evolution; I see people suffering and both people suffer; I see people insisting to change the other person and both people end up suffering; I see people abandoning the other person and both people suffer; I see people seek what they need elsewhere and both people suffer.
For this reason today I chose this subject especially to help you face these differences of evolution in a way that will help the other grow and align to the more evolved partner.
You must know that inside every good hear the light of the Love shines with the same intensity of the more evolved people, what is different is that some of you have already understood that the path of Love is the path you need to take and the other has not yet understood this.
How can we help that brother understand this?
Open your good heart, think back of how many times you yourselves were tempted to stray from the path of Love, even if only for one moment.
Do you remember those moments?
Do you remember that it was selfishness to make you think of this abandonment?
Do you remember that you then decided that this thing or that thing you wanted to do would cause damage to some brother of yours and this is the real reason you then decided not to do it anymore?
This is the main reason, selfishness juxtaposed to the great and immense Love that you decided to place into your precious lives.
This is also the subject that you can use with these brothers to help them understand that selfishness only brings unhappiness because every brother wants to be respected and love, whereas selfishness only brings separation and distance from all other brothers.
Selfishness is not a choice, it’s not a mission, it’s only the result of fear of not being alone, without help from other brothers, this is the true reason that brings brothers to challenge this particular fear they have by placing selfishness into their precious existence and consequently to damage the relationship with their partners and all brothers.
This challenge speaks of this fear.
Brothers, why this challenge?
I will immediately answer your questions.
Have you ever seen a snake? In your world, a snake can be very dangerous and yet the idea of conquering it fascinates you, capturing it, killing it, making it harmless through death.
Have you seen how many times in your circuses and during your travels abroad, the snake is used to attract people at the circus as well as other places?
This motivation, that of making harmless something that is potentially dangerous, is your desire, when you a deathly afraid of something you want to remove the death part from your experience, it’s death that you want to remove from your experience of daily life on earth, this is the death that scares you so much, death, it’s only fear of death that pushes you to challenge anything that could bring you death. This is the real motivation of the challenge, your challenge against death.
Physically you cannot avoid it, but death is only just a transformation, it’s another experience of growth because when you will die, and only in that moment, you will understand all of the experiences that you matured on earth and you will be happy to notice how much you learned, how much you experimented, how much you understood during your life there, long or short that it may have been, the importance is relative, because each one of you has truly experimented a lot, and many time over if you happen to have lived a long life, but the bottom line is that you have all experimented the most important things you wanted to experiment.
So my dear brothers and my dear sisters, it’s much better to think of life as your opportunity to experiment, know, feel, learn, instead of placing physical death at the centre of your existences, don’t you think that this is the best framework to extract what is available from your experience?
To help your brothers you must first understand completely these words that I dictated for you today, then it will be easy to find other words to send to your brothers to convince them to consider the road to Love, the one that allows you to also listen to my holy words, it’s the best road to take, the road that leads to understanding, to serving, to Loving yourselves and all other brothers around you, as if they were truly your blood brothers and sisters.
Today I will end my discussion this way, I await the next time to help you with all of my knowledge and with the immense Love of my big heart for all of you.
I am so proud of your listening to all of the messages I dictate, have hope in your hearts, there are many of you and you are quickly changing and you are embracing with your good hearts, Love is getting bigger.
A great big kiss to each one of you.
Your brother Jesus Christ, with immense Love for his loved brothers and loved sisters in the entire world.
Making mistakes Concept Mistake Experimenting Oneself Differences of Evolution was the Message dictated 30th May 2004
Making mistakes Concept Mistake Experimenting Oneself Differences of Evolution
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