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Reality Aware Of Reality Love And Non Love Messages To Humanity

Reality Aware Of Reality Love And Non Love Messages To Humanity
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I want to talk to you from my heart because I notice that often your life is so starved of Love to make you desire to be already in our Home ahead of time, if only to feel better, only to finally live within the Love, only not to witness to so many negative things that constantly surround you, but my brothers and sisters this is not the right thing for your projects, you must still learn many things before you are ready to return to this Home of God our Father.
To come to your aid, today I want to talk to you from my heart and I want to talk to you of my great Love for all of you who are experimenting this earthly existence.
My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, what you are living now are experiences in a world that does not seem to fully recognize the universal principle of Love.
Apparently everybody talks about Love because in reality everybody has relationships with their family, friends, fiancées, life companions and their own children. These affections bring many, everybody, to talk about Love, but how many of them really have a great Love, a great affection, a great respect and great care for their own affections?
So many stories your hear, so many experiences were lived by you and by other brothers who talk of this non-Love and this has always had a negative effect on every one of you; sometimes you can even laugh when listening to these stories, but inside your good hearts you feel sadness, distrust, bitterness, disappointment and many emotions that make you believe in a world of non-Love.
When on the other hand you listen to beautiful stories, stories that talk of a deep respect for one another, that talk of helping out others, that talk about renunciations in favour of others, that talk of the joy in meeting one another, joy when meeting with one's own children, then your good heart experiments feelings of Love, of affection, of beauty for those who tell the story, of joy, of trust and when these stories are told to you, you immediately feel as if you live in a world full of Love and you are very happy because to live in a world of affection, of Love, is what every good heart desires to always be happy.
This discussion wants to make you understand that it's always your emotions that make you perceive the world as hostile, where non-Love rules as opposed to a happy world where Love and joy prevail.
In reality there would not even be a world if it was not a world where everybody is experimenting and they can be experiences that talk of non-Love just like they can talk of Love.
Dear brothers and my dear sisters, I understand this suffering because I share this pain with you for those brothers who do not love and who with their lack of Love inflict suffering upon other brothers and sisters, but, my loved ones, everyone has their time for learning, for experimenting, for discovering their own suffering and other people's suffering and to change and live new experiences where Love will be put in first place, but every brother and sister must understand this through his own path because it's only when we learn from our own direct experience that we can truly understand an decide to change.
My brothers and sisters, look at those brothers and sisters who are making mistakes from your point of view through these new eyes, look at these brothers as people who are experimenting and who will learn and when they will finally have forever put Love into their lives, they will also suffer when faced with experiences of non-Love.
This has been the same itinerary for all of us children, we have all had experiences of non-affection, non-respect, non-Love and now that we have learnt, we suffer when seeing that brother or sister who still has not completed the journey, but remember, just like we once did, even he or she will reach to the understanding that Love is the real food for your Soul, for our good heart.
Have hope in your hearts and always look at the actions of that Soul because every experimentation is movement and every movement brings to understanding and every understanding brings change.
This is a very important point for your own hearts because instead of suffering and sometimes judgement, you can put this awareness that will stimulate you in terms of feelings, hope, and trust also in the journey of that brother or that sister.
However, at the same time, for those of you who have learnt or who are learning to always put Love first in your life, do illuminate your life and the lives of those around you with your affection, with your Love, leverage your experiences and the richness that you live inside your heart, many brothers and sisters will be stimulated to experiment in turn and by putting a little more Love in their lives you will all grow and you will all understand and you will all change and Love will finally be a common reality on your splendid planet.
I hope that with today's discussion I have helped you be aware of your reality once again; your life has this meaning: experimenting by living, learning by living, changing by living, being aware by living.
With these final words my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I say goodbye for today.
Of course if would be nice if all of these brothers and sisters in the entire world were already aware and already lived fully conscious of this Love, but my brothers then there would be no messages from the Sky because they would no longer be necessary and we would all live together, but we are working hard on it, with the effort of Love so that our help may reach every one of you and may help you grow toward this important awareness.
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, I kiss you one by one with lots and lots of Love, because I Love you very very much and I am here with you precisely to help you put this wonderful feeling of Love in the centre of your good heart and consequently in the centre of your life on your beautiful planet, earth.
Your brother Jesus is leaving you now, but I am always next to each one of you brothers to help you with all of my great great Love.
Reality Aware Of Reality Love And Non Love Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 26th May 2004
Reality Aware Of Reality Love And Non Love Messages To Humanity
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