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Guardian Angels All Of You Have A Guardian Angel Filter And Projects Of Growth

Guardian Angels All Of You Have A Guardian Angel Filter And Projects Of Growth
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come amongst you one more time to talk to you about this contact between all brothers and Us.
Many of you asked yourselves how this contact happens and today I want to explain to you just how this contact between your good heart and Our heart takes place.
All of you have a Guardian Angel, I believe this is something that is part of what you already know; every Angel was assigned to you at the time of your physical birth; there are Angels that have been following you since several reincarnations; there are Angels that chose you specifically because of the alignment between your project that you chose to carry out during your terrestrial existence and their own characteristics, and for this reason they help you better develop your project; there are Angels that were assigned to you from the Creator to help you, support you, to always guide you on the path to Love that leads to Him, these are the Guardian Angels and one of their tasks, in addition to always help you, is also to be a filter between you and Us.
This filter allows us to listen to your real emotions, your real projects and thoughts, your real intentions.
As I told you on a previous message, your mind constantly produces thoughts and worries and plans actions and interventions during your life; many of these thoughts and emotions are not real in the sense that they do not represent the true answers to your feelings and real projects that you have inside your good heart. Think of anger, for example, when you are angry you think of words or actions of revenge and attack, but these are only reactions to facts in your lives but they do not represent you, suffice it to think that most of those times you end up doing nothing in the name of revenge. This is an example that explains to you that your Angel feels these thoughts and these emotions but does not transmit those to us because the Angel knows that they are temporary reactions and they will go as soon as you have regained your calm.
When on the other hand these projects, these worries pertain your truth, your real intentions, your real projects, your real fears, then your Angel sends them to us immediately and We hear your thoughts, your worries, your future and current projects and this allows us to intervene in the manner that We think is most appropriate to help you; we can calm you, we can send you experiences to understand this or that or we can set up meetings so that your project can be completed successfully or in other words so that you learn what you chose to experiment in your existence.
Sometimes it happens that our answers are different from what you were expecting; another example, you can ask us to experiment an experience of love, but if your love needs to experiment some specific aspects such as having trust in yourselves or being useful for the growth of another, We can not send you a love story which would not include those characteristics that you chose to experiment; in this precise moment some of you my brothers and sisters, are asking themselves the reason for certain meetings of some life partners next to them, here it is, those partners are the right people for you to learn some things which you need to learn, first of all if you chose them in complete freedom is because your Soul recognizes this brother or sister as the right person for you to go through that experience; secondly, you should ask yourselves what is the message that this brother or this sister is bringing so you can work on this aspect with complete awareness... it's your life.
This example wants to explain to you the reason behind many of your experiences, not necessarily always positive, in appearance, but these experiences are constructive for your projects of growth on the path to Love.
My brothers and sisters, today's message is the answer to your many questions, do you understand now why they don't always come from up here in the Sky, despite all of our great Love, those answers, those experiences which you had declared you wanted; this message explains to you that what you ask for is not necessarily always the right thing or you really want for an experience of growth.
We never forsake you for the important things, but we do genuinely care about sending you what you truly need.
Before saying goodbye, I offer you this reflection: why does this earthly life sometimes seem so difficult, perhaps it's because you chose to learn a lot, to grow quickly and the time within one's life span is never so long as it sometimes seems, as your Angel would say it's one wing's beat and the Angel is right because time flies on earthly life and living many experiences means overlapping of many experiences but my dear ones this experience on earth is the only way you can truly experiment because once you will be here in the Love, when you will return to this sweet Home, you will understand perfectly that the contradictions, the aggression, the violence, the abuse, the money and power, to name a few, belong exclusively to your earthly life and therefore you can not learn anything on those subjects here in the Sky because here, in this great Home, there is only Love, always Love in its every manifestation and, however magnificent it may all be, you will never be able to live experiences where there is nothing but Love; this is also why we work a lot on your memories because your memories contain all of the experience that can help you understand and grow even when you will be here with Us.
With this reflection, which also wants to be an invitation to experiment consciously as much as possible, I say goodbye to you and I kiss you with all of our great Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ who is always with you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters to help you understand aspects of this rapport between the Sky and earth.
Guardian Angels All Of You Have A Guardian Angel Filter And Projects Of Growth was the Message dictated 24th May 2004
Guardian Angels All Of You Have A Guardian Angel Filter And Projects Of Growth
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