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Contacts With The Sky There Are No Barriers That Love Can Not Overcome

Contacts With The Sky There Are No Barriers That Love Can Not Overcome
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today we would like to talk to you about the letters that we receive from you.
To be fair, it's not been a long time since we have given you the possibility to write to us and contact us directly; despite our invitation, there have not been many letters compared to the number of people that read our dictations today. Despite the almost daily effort from us and from Sara Luce, we asked ourselves why we have not received letters from many more brothers and sisters.
This is what we asked ourselves.
I looked inside your hearts and I noticed that there are many reasons behind this difficulty to speak to us directly.
There are people who do not believe We can talk to you so directly and they are afraid that it must be evil's doing; there are people who do not believe that We can understand your life because we now live in a Dimension where Love rules over everything; there are people who do not believe in the real existence of a character such as that of this brother Jesus here or the Virgin Mary, but that only the Father exists or, like some say, there is only the All which encloses everything and therefore there can not be several separate characters; then there are those who question these teachings because they are different from those that were dictated back then and were written on the various sacred texts which have now become the books in your religions; then there are people who would like to write to us and think 'I will do it right now' but then they end up never doing it; then there are people who do not write because they fear some kind of punishment because of previous shadows in their past; then there are those who read our messages instead of writing hoping to find the answer to their own problems in the text; then there are people who have continued on their path and have learnt to communicate with Entities in the Dimension and they only trust what those Entities communicate to them; then there are people who read our messages so quickly that they don't even know that they can write to us; then there are people who refer to the Catholic Church and they are used to question these contacts between the Sky and earth and even though they appreciate these teachings they always think that behind them there is something fraudulent and for this reason they don't trust them that much; then there are people who test Us, they want exact information otherwise they do not take in what is said on the various messages; then there are people who question every single communication sent to them just because they do not have proofs, like miracles that would erase any doubt; then there are people who prefer to talk to Sara Luce so they don't have to take the responsibility to write to Us and ask Us directly.
All other people on the other hand do listen to us with much attention, they await every message from us with a lot of affection and with great and affectionate anticipation, they follow our messages, they listen to them from the heart and they apply our teachings to their actions, in their actions and in their thoughts and this motivates us to continue this important effort of Love for all brothers and sisters in the world.
What I described to you is the reality from which We talk to you and which reflects your earthly reality in its main aspects.
Leading opinions, lessons from imperfect teachers, aggressive reaction toward everything new, aggression toward what is unknown, religious imprint and mental rigidity, attack on diversity, fear of having learnt something inexact, unrealistic expectations and passive identification with the opinions of others.
My brothers and sisters, you can see all this happening in your world and naturally these aspects are also reflected toward Us.
However, if you only knew with how much Love we come to help you, every moment that Sara Luce has free for this effort, we are immediately available; we talk with all of our great Heart, we put you in touch with those loved ones who are here with Us today; every word is dictated to your good heart and this is the reason every message, for those who know how to listen, overflows with Love because Love is what brings us to write to you.
There are no barriers between you and Us that Love can not overcome, always remember these holy words because it is the truth.
How is it possible not to recognize Our Love, how can a good heart not recognize the voice of the Father or of his Son or of the Virgin Mother Mary, it would seem impossible unless we forgot that your mind has become the real filter between you and your own lives.
So here we are talking to your good heart but there is a preoccupied and scared mind that answers, a mind which can not understand, too anguished from these problems of which I talked to you earlier.
Nevertheless, my brothers and my sisters, re-learning to listen with your hearts, re-learning to live with Love, all of these questions will find an answer and you will see, many problems will dissolve when your life will be governed by your heart instead of your mind and your fears.
Today's message is my help for all you who need to open up to the Truth because inside your hearts there is the same desire of every heart: know the Truth and live in the Truth.
I say goodbye to you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am happy I was able to talk to you today more than with those who already listen to Our words with the necessary attention and I am very happy because today I tried to help you face your doubts and your fears because my desire is that all together you can grow in Love and you can feed within the immense Love that your Father gives you all the time.
Your brother Jesus Christ who Loves you and says goodbye with all of his Affection.
Contacts With The Sky There Are No Barriers That Love Can Not Overcome was the Message dictated 19th May 2004
Contacts With The Sky There Are No Barriers That Love Can Not Overcome
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