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Free Will And Destruction Of Planet Earth Why Do Will Never Happen The Intervention Of Heaven

Free Will And Destruction Of Planet Earth Why Do Will Never Happen The Intervention Of Heaven
My dear children, today I have come to talk to you a little about Love.
It is possible that these words may not have any effect on some of you, but I want to dictate my holy reflections all the same because many of you children today are waiting for these messages dictated from the Sky, it's for them that I am dictating today so my children let's start and talk about Love.
I know that today it is difficult to believe even in our great Love, when the entire planet has to reckon with fratricidal wars and all of the exploitation of human beings, adults, young people and children.
I know that it is difficult to be here and witness the destruction of many children and stay still instead of reacting and reinstalling the Peace, Respect, Love between all of these adored children that inhabit this planet earth today.
I know that many of you await an intervention from us or from other brothers from other galaxies, but my adored children, this will never happen because I can not and we can not upturn the rules that stemmed from the Love that we established together a long time ago and the most important one amongst these rules was precisely the respect for your free will.
As a Father I have always accepted your decision to do things and continue to do things in complete freedom without any intervention from either myself or from other brothers included my son Jesus Christ.
But now I will let you talk to him directly so he can begin this important discussion.
I decided that it is better if he talks to you directly because, as a brother he can be more carefully listened to from all of brothers and sisters.
I will listen to his words and then, if necessary, I will add something later, if it will be useful to the purpose.
I leave you to my son, listen to him carefully.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, this discussion on free will is a topic that we already covered, however I feel the need to cover it in more depth a bit more to enable you to understand that free will was the greatest gift, the magnificent gift from our Father to leave us in complete freedom to find out our own road toward infinite Love.
Reflect, what gift can be greater than freedom?
When your children beg you to allow them to leave home to go out with their friends, or to study or to do some sport or to follow their own important interests and paths, what do you do, other than ensure that this child of yours will not do something that may harm him? You give him freedom, maybe you add a few restrictions in the management of this freedom, you can set a time limit or you can always ask to know where they are going to be, but even with these conditions, you give them freedom to live their own experiences without your physical presence, without your advice or without the help that you could immediately give your children.
The Love of the Father is even greater than yours and in fact He gave you freedom without putting any restriction at all and every child is unconditionally free, this is the Love of our Father, this is the great gift that he gave us, he donated us the freedom to live any experience and we, brothers, are the ones who choose how much to live, every experience that we want to have, but the freedom is complete and this brings us to be able to live certain experiences which can even cause us pain and suffering onto ourselves and to other brothers and sisters.
But, my brothers, all of this freedom is only important for our growth, if we never made any mistakes how could we possibly correct our behaviour; if we never learnt from the negative consequences of our acts and of our words, how could we grow and improve; how could we choose to stay on the path of Love if we never experimented both directly and indirectly the path to evil, the way to selfish interests and selfishness?
How many times we would like to intervene to protect you from the effects of negative choices, but we stop ourselves because this is the agreement that we made a long time ago with the Father and this sacred agreement is always respected by us even if sometimes you would like that we did not respect it and even, sometimes, that we acted against this sacred and inviolable freedom.
At this point my brothers, we have to take our own responsibilities and take life as an experience that only we can live and continually choose how to manage it.
From the Sky comes all the help that we need to always stay on the path of Love and there is always help and there is enough help for everybody, but it's us brothers who choose whether to accept them or not, it's our freedom, but this limitation on the intervention from our Father, because He respects our free will, does not stop Him from trying all he can to help his child; if you knew how great is his help, sometimes you would not feel abandoned, alone, because you are never alone, the Father always plans meetings for you that are useful for your growth, He plans situations that can give you the financial stability to allow you the time to take care of your loved ones and also to take care of your Spirit and your growth within Love, the Father sends experiences for every one of his children to always give the opportunity to improve themselves, to learn, even through other people, or even to console from every sadness and all of this help comes from him through other people, which is why you must treasure every meeting in your life because behind every brother and every sister often there is the help from the Father and in any case every person always has something to teach you, take advantage of this richness you receive when you meet all of your brothers.
We will conclude this discussion for today, I hope I managed to communicate to you how great is the Love that our Father has for all of us children, how relentless He is in his help for every one of his adored children, but I also hope to have been able to get through to you that it's our own individual duty to organize our own lives, accepting or refusing his help is a choice that comes from our free will, but I also hope I managed to explain to you the importance of your precious life and even of meeting with every one of your brothers or sisters; do treasure today's teaching and welcome the truths that I transmitted to you today inside your good hearts.
I kiss you with all of my great Love and I hug you; today's lesson has ended my dear students, now make the most of this lesson and live your lives with greater awareness.
I kiss you one last time and I bless you, in the name of the Father, of this son Jesus Christ, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in Peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who together with the Father wishes you a day full of serenity and joy.
Free Will And Destruction Of Planet Earth Why Do Will Never Happen The Intervention Of Heaven was the Message dictated 16th May 2004
Free Will And Destruction Of Planet Earth Why Do Will Never Happen The Intervention Of Heaven
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